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YouTube channels

Discussion in 'Chat About Anything In Here' started by Frédéric Stradel, May 8, 2018.

  1. Frédéric Stradel

    Frédéric Stradel Pro Driver

    Is it possible to share videos of our YouTube channels here? They would be about simracing of course but it could be also other games genres. For example I have recently created a channel and for the moment, there are only shooting games extracts but I of course plan to upload simracing moments.

    Anyone here interested in sharing their channels or embedding their videos on the forum?
  2. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Ace Motorsport Staff Member SRO Team Member

    We only like to keep YouTube videos relevant to races here at SRO
  3. Frédéric Stradel

    Frédéric Stradel Pro Driver

    Ok. Anyway there will be videos of Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 with the Vive (pCars 2 will come next month due to budget). I'll post the link here of my channel when there will be the first, probably, Assetto Corsa and for shooting, well you're still free to watch or not. It will be a multigaming channel.
  4. Frédéric Stradel

    Frédéric Stradel Pro Driver

    Back again. There is a Media section on the menu above and saw posted videos.
    How can I share some of my videos in this section? About simracing of course, there are also other videos but there are some for simracing.
  5. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member

    We plan to make the media library available to members soon. But currently it is not available. We will soon be posting our broadcasted events to the media library so all members can enjoy the replay.
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