Assetto Corsa TNC Euro F3 Series - Round 4 - Monza GP

Discussion in 'TNC Euro F3 Series Closed' started by Nick Phillips, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Date: Tue Feb 20, 2018
    Race Time: 21:15 GMT
    Qualify Time: 21:00 (10 minutes)
    Practice Time: 20:00

    Present fastest laps

    Rules to Remember
    Punting 3.1
    Use of Escape Key in Qualifying 3.4

    Hi all, Welcome to Round 4 of the TNC Euro F3 Series.

    I am delighted to bring my racing events to SRO, having run series previously for many years at Race2Play.

    So as most of you who have raced with me before will know, play fair and we will have a great series.

    All SRO Rules are in play so please bear that mind and ensure you and all other competitors have an enjoyable event.

    Good luck all!
  2. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    With immediate effect all drivers are expected to download and install the following app

    This app is now mandatory for all Assetto Corsa events.

    Previously it was optional, but several including myself had been using it and indeed been penalised by it.

    To make it a level playing field, all drivers are now required to have the app installed.

    Please ensure this is done in very good time for this event.
  3. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    What no wings required.....
  4. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    @Mert Kayar
    Imola Penalty
    Mert Kayar has been issued a drive-thru penalty for causing a lap 1 accident that was avoidable. Penalty must be served at the next event within the first three laps of the race.

    Please can you make sure this penalty is taken Mert thankyou
  5. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  6. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

  7. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Its been up for days!
    Its in practice session only ..
    It will go into race mode 24hrs before the race ..
  8. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Ah ok I was just looking at the live timing and it still had Imola so guess no one has been on it :-]
  9. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Just to inform that when we join server, on loading screen, it says "Dallara F307", i guess we're racing with the F312, so just wondering if there is some problem or it's just normal. Car looks the same, couldn't find any differences. Also, in RSR livetiming some "F317" also appears on "CARS" tab...
  10. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Hi Rui.

    On your first point yes I have noticed that before but all seems fine. Will check other tonight as I will be practicing later on.
  11. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    hi guys. as I remember, it was showing F307 also on previous session, at Imola.
    btw - will not race at Monza. I'm with family on holiday.
  12. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Ya its some kind of typo error i think .. in the server files it says F312 .. So far all the events have been the exact same cfg files with only the track being changed so it must be a glitch in the MP lobby , I have searched all the cars in the servers CAR folder and there is only 1 Dallara F312 entry and that's also exactly whats in the server cfg files ..
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  13. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Yep all good with the cars as per the series so far.
  14. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    @Nassim Alaoui @Edward Jones @Dan Houk @Roel Postma @Rui Santos @Norman Bruce @Brian Fairley @Nigel Middleton @Rob Milliken @alessio uberti @Aiden Blake @Lorence Calpatura @Mert Kayar @Nick Lawrence @Kevin Elmes

    A reminder to you all to please install into game the Pit Lane Penalty app so we have a level playing field for all.

    Pit Lane Penalty is an app which detects race track cutting.
    It will give you 3 warnings of cutting the track limits, and on the 4th occasion, will issue you with a drive-thrupenalty.
    You have 3 laps to serve this drive-thru.
    You can take your penalty at the same time as a pit stop (Something that cannot be avoided at this time).

    Criteria the system uses for detecting track cuts:-
    • Track cutting is defined as 3 or more wheels out of the track, using the AC cut detection.
    • Only cuts over 50 kph are registered.
    • If you are off-track for more than 1.3 seconds, or slow down to less than 90% of your track exit speed at any time while off-track before re-entering, a cut won't be registered. This is to stop accidents from registering as cuts. The app does detect high speed cuts that last longer than 1.3 seconds, where you don't slow down, as well.

    Unzip the app into your Assetto Corsa root directory. Typically:-
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

    Start Assetto Corsa, navigate to OPTIONS > GENERAL and then put a check next to PitLanePenalty to enable the app.
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  15. alessio uberti

    alessio uberti Pro Driver

    app installed last night.See you later!!
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  16. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Not my greatest race, saw Alessio and Rui getting together into T1, but screwed it up myself dropping down to fifth or sixth.

    Then a battle to get back into it as these do not really draft too well.

    Grats to Rui on the win, normal service resumed.

    Any issues please PM me or raise a protest, I know the guys on TS had a few contacts but sorted it out between themselves, good stuff.
  17. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver


    I noted tonight that during the race Lorence did receive a drive thru penalty for cutting, but did not take it.

    However although this was registered by the App, the instructions above do not explicitly state that you ALSO need to, when in car, go to the right hand menu that appears when you move your mouse across to the edge of the screen, and tick the Pit Lane Penalty flag. This will then display warnings on screen.

    If you do not have that ticked and do not have chat displayed, you would not know that you had got a penalty.

    Therefore on this occasion we will waive a penalty as it was not clear completely, and update the instructions to include this step.

  18. Lorence Calpatura

    Lorence Calpatura Pro Driver

    Noted. It'll be turned on next race
  19. Lorence Calpatura

    Lorence Calpatura Pro Driver

    Good race. It's a messy first lap as i've been hit twice but that's part of the excitement and i had a good fight with Nick and specially Roel. Just shame, I got punted with an invisible thing on the last lap my car just catapulted into the barrier (no sarcasm intended). :)[​IMG]
  20. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Just one word... brilliant, i was guessing this will happen...

    I'm just waiting to see what admins will do with all the mess that happened during race. I hope the same level of commitment that happened with the last race with ME, because a serious precedent was open and from now on i hope to see serious penalties to some SERIOUS bad driving...

    Just want to apologise everyone the necessity of using that cutting penalty app, for sure it was my fault and it was mandatory to prevent cheaters like me.

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