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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ken Jagger, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

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    For some time I've felt that the steering options available in the AC controller menu have not worked correctly. Specifically, in my experience, if you increase the steering degrees of rotation you actually get a sharper responding steering input when it should actually be slower. E.g. 450 degrees gives a lower (and slower) steering response than 800 degrees, so with 450 you have to turn the wheel much more than with 800 - totally wrong.

    AC Steering settings.jpg
    Interestingly I've just been reading this Forum about the latest R3E updates and it seems they have also got it it the wrong way round too o_O. Even after the in-game help text has been amended since the update, the descriptions still don't make sense to me :confused:. Check out the update details regarding SteeringLock and SteeringAngle and also posts #8, #46 and #48 in this thread

    Anybody here at SRO who uses AC and/or R3E care to comment on this?
  2. Henri Miettinen

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    If you put the same value in the game and in the wheel program, you are always right steering angles, what they really are. In assetto corsa there isn't steering lock change like rfactor have, but you can change that like you did, but it is not meant for it.
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  3. Ken Jagger

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    Thanks for that info Henri. I did a quick trial offline and making those two settings the same, does seem to have improved the way the steering responds and feels. My next online race with AC will be the real test.

    It's still odd that Kunos didn't build in a steering lock adjustment option in the settings or car setup menu's. Not everyone would want to run the default car steering angles and there are those with older hardware wheels that need that adjustment to work normally.
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