SRO Max Coates Touring Car Round 5 Algrave pre/post race comments

Discussion in 'Max Coates Touring Car Euro Cup Closed' started by Kenny Press, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Kenny Press

    Kenny Press Administrator Staff Member Donator

  2. Mev Doc

    Mev Doc Pro Driver

    Just had a few laps around Portimao and its a tough track on the front left tyre, plenty of elevation changes and a long ass start finish line for some slip streaming!
  3. Colin Towers

    Colin Towers Pro Driver

    Yeah, front left tires always burn in the FWDs in this track! Except if the rain comes again :)
  4. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Pro Driver

    Well that was a disaster... Apologies to Mev i assume, i'd spun round a couple of times and thought i'd stopped on the racing line, seems not sorry.
    Weather is a bit silly, i couldn't see anything in the fog (not sure if it's worse in VR) don't mind rain but not being able to see is too much. Such a shame real weather doesn't work...
  5. Mev Doc

    Mev Doc Pro Driver

    nice double win in tricky weathe Radek! which brings up a small point id like to make, would it be possible to set the conditions before a race random seems too pick unreal conditions!
  6. Mev Doc

    Mev Doc Pro Driver

    no problem, ye that gave me a little fright with that 1, i tagged you in the 1st couple of corners thats why i slowed till u passed but i do agree the weather is a bit daft
  7. Kenny Press

    Kenny Press Administrator Staff Member Donator

    After race 2 I am thinking about making the remaining events dry weather. I'm not sure if I misheard someone but I'm kind of certain that the wet weather does mess with the game.

    I had very little steering in race 2, could hardly make the corners. At the end of the race both my front tyres were still green and I could've done another 3 - 4 races on them if not more. It felt really strange driving the car.

    @Mark, many apologises for one of your spins. No idea if we touched or not, was racing you then all of sudden we both spun round! Going to watch replay and see if we touched.

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