SRO Max Coates Touring Car Round 3 Donington pre/post race comments

Discussion in 'Max Coates Touring Car Euro Cup Closed' started by Kenny Press, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Kenny Press

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  2. Kenny Press

    Kenny Press Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Well that was my first event with my new PC and even with on board graphics (need a power lead for my GFX card) it felt a hell of a lot better. Had one spike in the 2nd race but no stuttering at all through out.

    Shame that even though I had improved my pace from last year it seems that everyone else did as well!

    Unlucky contact Mark in race 2, couldn't avoid your spin. No idea why the game threw you into the scenery. Lost a lot of time trying to get a gear to get going, was having fun with 3 of us all going into the esses together :)
  3. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Pro Driver

    Was good fun last night, takes some getting used to for me. I spend most of my time in rF2... Cracking battles at times and in particular with Kenny think we went 4 corners side by side at one point. Sorry to Kenny for the incident at the chicane on Race 2, i got really good run down the straight due to the exuberant defending going on ahead and we ended up 3 wide, i caught the sausage kerb which caused me to spin. Sorry... Will hopefully make the next round.

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