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Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Club Events' started by Ken Jagger, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

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  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Important Oval Info!

    Rolling start with pace car: The game will show on-screen instructions as we start the pace laps. The race start will have 2 pace laps behind the pace car, after lap one if we are all in the correct starting order, when the pace car crosses the line it's lights will go out. This signifies that we will go green at the line next time around. If the pace car lights stay on we need to do another lap. The main reason for a failed start is cars being out of order.

    Once the pace car pulls off, stay at pace car speed until the green light comes on. No creeping up with the speed to the line.

    Cautions will be on so the pace car will come out whenever the yellow comes on. Slow down and be ready to form up behind the pace car. The game will give on screen instructions as to where you need to be and who you should follow.

    The Pits will be open to lead lap cars ONLY the first time by, then open to all on the next pass. You will see the X for pits if they are closed to you. The penalty for entering closed pits is a drive through.

    The server will be set for Private qualifying with a total of 6 laps, which includes the outlap and inlap, so only 4 timed laps are allowed in total. Exceeding this will require you to start the race from the pit lane.
    If you crash during your qualifying and you want to run again, if time allows, then you must drive back to your pitbox. You can NOT USE ESC to return to the pits. If you do you must remain there as your qualifying session is OVER.

    When making a pit stop you MUST use the pit entry lane which starts before T3. DO NOT slow down in T4 and enter the pits from there. However under a Yellow caution period you may enter the pits after T4 and rejoin the track carefully between T1 & 2 when exiting the pits.
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  3. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Unless there has been an update to rF2 (I'm sure there will have been - hopefully) to the last time I raced ovals (think it was last year), but back then, anyone using VR, if they get told to follow a car with a driver who has an apostrophe in their name, their game will crash and kick them from the server.
    @Henri Miettinen can confirm this issue existed.

    Hopefully no one registered to race has an apostrophe, then there is no issue
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  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Guys a Test server is up ! Its set with the indy car rfm so all the rules should be in place ..
    We need to check the conditions under yellow to be sure its set up properly .. server is set for 15 min P ,10 min Q , 10 lap race .. so if you have a spare 30+ min or so please have a go & report your findings ! I did a solo test and everything was working .. we still don't know if pits are open to lead lap cars only on first lap of yellow , or if the lucky dog rule is still in rf2 ..
    NO APOSTROPHES IN GAME NAMES ! Also the server is set with the 2014 indy skin pack with the ISI cars
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  5. Nick Lawrence

    Nick Lawrence Pro Driver

    just a small detail indy 500 is 500 miles ie 200 laps so indy 125 should be 50 laps !! if its 125 laps it should be called the indy 312.5 lol
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  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I like it .. SRO Indy 312.5 ! singe up's open !
    personally I would like to simply go the other 75 laps and make it the 500 /200 laps :D but its not my baby ..lol & 125 laps will still be a long race ..;) average 41 sec's per lap = aprox 1.42hrs
  7. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver Donator

    You should also test how many laps you have to drive behind the safety car if the crash comes. It can be over 5 min and it is boring, so you maybe want change that.
  8. Eric Moinet

    Eric Moinet Pro Driver

    So... Is it 125 miles or 125 laps? Not the same!
    Tested the track but no yellow flags when I stopped on track. Does it show only when there's a crash?
    Also, it seems you can't restart if you shut down your engine. I obviously have two buttons set up for shut and restart engine. Important for pit stops, don't shut down your engine.
  9. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    125 laps .. In my test the saftey car came out but I spun after hitting the wall , .. Then I had 2 laps of safety car, pits were closed until I caught the safety car & then they opened but I don't know if its set for lead lap cars only on first pass as I was the only one on .. The ruels as I know are lead lap cars can enter pits first pass (when they open) then next lap they are open for all others .. This needs a test ...
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  10. Nick Lawrence

    Nick Lawrence Pro Driver

    whats the practice server password ?
  11. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    same default practice server pw !
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  12. Nick Lawrence

    Nick Lawrence Pro Driver

    yea I forgot it doesnt show until you sign in
  13. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Hey Rob,

    Bill, Jens and me just had a race.

    Quali worked perfectly.

    Race starts on track, 2 x 2 behind safety car, safety does 1 full lap, then pulls in at the start of the second lap to start race.

    I brought out a yellow. Message was for lead cars to pit on the first lap, all cars on the next lap as you want.

    Safety car maybe out too short however.
    After the ALL cars can pit message, we only did 1 more lap before the safety car came in, so those pitting who are a lap down, for repairs, would never rejoin the pack before the restart.
    Though the safety may have been cut short due to near end of race (but usually when I raced before, a few more laps were added to avoid finishing under safety car)

    There was no lining up the grid 2 x 2 after the yellow, we just went single file for the restart.

    Also, at the green, it seems you can just go whenever the leader goes without waiting for the GREEN GREEN GREEN.

    ps. could you make the race a little longer, 20 or 25 laps maybe.
  14. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Thx Andrew, Bill & Jens ! ! good report .. I made it 10 laps so the tests don't drag on to long but I will add some more laps as its not quite enough to get the full pit/yellows/restart tests in .the safty cars coming in after the lap down cars in actually good news lol, in the past thay would go around 2 or 3 more times , this can be edited in the rfm as well as "no passing before the line " on restarts , IDK if this will effect the leader being able to start to go before the green but it will give anyone who passes him a penalty if they pass before the line ..
    In my test the game added 2 laps for a green/white checkered in my case the yellow came out with 3 or less laps left (except if white flag was out) and we went to lap 12 to get the checkered ..
  15. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Race bumped to 20 laps ..
  16. Denis Eshchenko

    Denis Eshchenko Pro Driver


    Please, will make practice session more longer ~ 3-4 hours. And will make day time 12.00-13.00. Now practice session very short, and the sun is too low and the third turn is not visible.

    Thanks! :cool:
  17. Pasquale Genchi

    Pasquale Genchi Pro Driver

    I tried the race yesterday, I crashed into the wall on purpose and there was full course yellow the moment I crashed into the wall.

    Also is it possible to make the practice session longer changing also the day time like Denis said? 8 AM is not the best for visibility, maybe 1 PM might be ok
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  18. Denis Eshchenko

    Denis Eshchenko Pro Driver

    What skin pack should I use? Indy 500? Is this required?

  19. Pasquale Genchi

    Pasquale Genchi Pro Driver

    I think it's the same
  20. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Hi Rob,

    Server has Fuel set to normal
    Champ page says fuel is x2

    To note: full tank in clean air on x2 gets you 20 laps, so if we run on x2 as per champ page, we will need to pit 6-7 times
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