Assetto Corsa SEAT LEON World Tour Round 6 Slovakiaring post race reports & screens

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    Historically in all the series I have run in over the years it rarely makes any difference to make a protest, I don't mean from a point of view of highlighting the incident or someone being punished for something or bad driving yes that happens in most cases.
    We are not real life drivers driving with the world elite, in sim racing you have to accept we are doing this for 'fun' with other people doing it for 'fun' with drivers of differing abilities and experience, punishing a driver will do what? Nothing positive, except probably make them quit and you end with less drivers and IMO that is less fun.
    I have been the victim of that driving 4 times in the last few weeks over here and PC2RG and none of the incidents were my fault. At the time its annoying, but I have learnt to just live with it, I know its not being done on purpose. I think the only time its worthwhile raising something like that is for anyone who is chasing a championship, in that it can make a difference to the points.
    We all make mistakes, none of us are pros that I know of! so maybe a quite word is the way to help drivers I dunno.
    Just my 2p worth!
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  2. Larry Thomas

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    My Little Race Report

    As I hadn't done many laps on the the short version I was happy to find myself on 4th on the grid.
    Race 1
    Noticed that someone in front was a bit eager and jumped the start. Already one place gained.
    Had Rob following me pretty close and after a couple of laps he passed me on the inside line but the then forgot to turn for the corner. So after that I had Roel on my heels.
    And that is the way it stayed until until two or three laps before the end when I saw that John had lost his car in the turn just in front and appeared to be sitting on the inside of the curve.
    So slowed down a bit, went out wide to make sure that I wouldn't touch him. But what I didn't know (as I couldn't see with my single screen) was that he had already got up and running. So this left a hole that Roel naturally took advantage of.
    So back to fourth which is where I finished, 4 tenths of a second behind Roel.
    Race 2
    Started from 6th (or 7th) and got off to a reasonably good start but coming up to T1 I got moved over on from my left but I couldn't do anything because there was another car just on the right. Contact. Wham, bam etc, cars everywhere.
    Managed to get back on the track again relatively quickly in 8th position without, I think, I hope, hindering anyone. And then on it was calm until Nick caught up with me so I went off wide on turn 3(?) so that he could get past me without any problems.;)
    And then Roy came up on me, so not wanting to be accused of favouritism I went off wide for him as well also on T3.;);)
    And that is how I ended up finishing in fifth place.
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  3. Roy Cop

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    Haha, love this bit :)
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