Assetto Corsa SEAT LEON World Tour Round 5 Oschersleben 23|12|2017

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  1. Rob Milliken

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    not sure what you mean ..
    place the files from the download in my documents/AC/Replays & then they will show in your game to view ..
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    No I mean in the forum, there is not image option to embed in the text field, only a URL to post externally.
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    try to navigate to the files your self on the site .. are you not logged onto the site ? might be because it was a link from my champ page ..
  4. Rob Milliken

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    Try the midea icon in the tool bar
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    Ah ok only noticed the URL at the top.... ta

    Browsed to the replay section still no luck DL the file still says I need to login weird..
  6. Rob Milliken

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    Ya that's werd .. i will pass that along as you are obviously logged in so somethings off there ..
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    Right, so race 5 of the series.

    Turn up was low for this one probably down to it being the Christmas weekend. So only 6 drivers were in this race. But there was a good side to this because 2 new drivers appeared.

    Quali, Seeing that starting on the right side of the track is a distinct advantage I did not want to have pole for this one. For some weird reason when the quali started the game logged me off off the server. So logged back on as soon as I could because I knew I had the time to do only 2 flying laps. John Bayes had shown in practise that he was fast enough to take pole. However when I went on track he stayed in the pit. I decided to abort this run and wait for him to set a time. Didn't want pole remember. Then the timer went down to 4 minutes which gave me time to do an out lap, 1 flying lap and an in lap I went for it. So end result, John pole, me 2nd, Rob 3rd. The plan worked up till now ;)

    Race 1
    Everyone took to the starting grid as they qualified. One weird thing tough, John did not show on the timing screen. Since the biggest contender for this series was not on I was going for the same strategy as last race. Do what ik can to win without taking risks. Lights went green so I floored it. Got a perfect start and flew past John. Went into the first corner in 1st place, turned on the cruise control and never looked back. I love it when a plan comes together. And no, there is no cruise control in this sim... Result, 1st Roy, 2nd John, 3rd Rob, 4th Dan Hauk (one of the new guys), 5th Roger, 6th Norman Looked like a very clean race. Well done to all

    Race 2
    Reversed grid as always. Seeing there were only 6 cars in this race starting last wasn't really that bad. Going for the same strategy again. Try to win but don't take risks. And then the weird stuff started... Still looking at red lights I saw the 4 guys in front of me start. Then about 0.2sec later the light went green for me and i'm guessing for John to because we started simultaneously. Because of the weird start by the others I was a bit distracted an didn't have a perfect start which had me at the level of the rear quarter of Johns car. As I read in his report he didn't see me and as a consequence he forced me in the grass. Managed not to lose to much time on this I got through the first chicane in 4th. Norman who was just in front of me made a small mistake which gave me the opportunity to take the inside on turn 4. Then while braking for turn 4 my front tyres locked and I tapped Normans car who was on the outside of mine. Seeing that this series is run very cleanly and the rules state that one has to I waited for Norman to recover and pass me. Dead last again... BTW, I did apologise to Norman after the race because that's what one does. But I like a bit of a challenge, so head down and go for it. reaching the entrance to the pit on the 1st lap I saw Rob, Roger and Norman go for the pits. I tought "What is going on here?" Damaged cars? While going down the start/finish straight I saw that them were all doing a drive through. So they did have a false start... Ok, focus back on the race. Being the odd 14 sec behind John and knowing I had won the 1st race with exactly that difference, not all was lost. The next few laps it dawned on me that there was something not right with the car. It just didn't drive the way it should. Then on lap 6, turn 5-6 fronts locked on me again and I went in the graveltrap. Cost me another 10 sec but got back on track in 2nd. At that time Rob (who was having a good raceday) was in my mirrors. Difference with John was 24 sec at this time. With only 7 laps to go nothing I would do could close this gap. Settling in for 2nd I was fighting the car the rest of the race. But weirdly enough I gained on John and finished 2nd 15 sec behind him. Ah well, this was one of those "what could have been" races..
    1st John, 2nd Roy, 3rd Rob, 4th Roger, 5th Norman, 6th Dan.

    Rob had a good race and a great result for the series. He now takes 2nd spot. I have to say I missed Nick for this one.
  8. Roy Cop

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    Haha, ok. Its become a custom that I share the replays, so I didn't look :D
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