RaceRoom Round 7 - Sepang pre/post race comments

Discussion in 'SRO WTCR 2019 Closed' started by Kenny Press, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Kenny Press

    Kenny Press Administrator Staff Member Donator

  2. Manuel Alves

    Manuel Alves Pro Driver Donator

    I don't know if I can race because of work.
  3. Alper Akbilgi

    Alper Akbilgi Pro Driver

    Good drive and well deserved championship for Manuel. Congrats my friend.
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  4. Manuel Alves

    Manuel Alves Pro Driver Donator

    Thank You Alper. You raced very well.
    Left my computer turned on and I asked my family to join the server hoping I could make it in time.
    I arrived home with 2 min left on qualifying session.
    Thanks everyone for racing in the championship and thanks SRO for running this series.
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