Assetto Corsa Round 6 NJMP Post Race Reports & Screens

Discussion in 'FKR Formula 3 Championship Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    post race F3 -1.jpg
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  2. Martijn van t Land

    Martijn van t Land Pro Driver

    Well guys, thanks for a great season!
    Has been a blast.

    Got lucky Arttu, Oscar and Jack didn't participate in the first few rounds so clinched the tittle by consistency:oops:
    But had great battles with most of you guys and found the racing to be very clean and respectful. Hopefully it was likewise.

    On a sad note this will probably be the last 'official' race i (we?) had in the Dallara F312. I think over the past 1.5 years i put in 50k+ miles in it. Got really fond of it.:D

    Now we move onto the F317. I like it and looking forward to race you guys in which ever series we meet again.

    So thanks again, especially Rob for organising (if i forget someone my apologies)!

    Cya all on track!
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    Hi guys and thanks for the race. I had good races yesterday, especially I like the part where we were catching with Roel and Richard :) Unfortunately I made a big mistake which put me back behind Vyacheslav. It could be even better fun without it.
    Overall, this was good series, where I learnt several new tracks (some of them I even didn't hear about previously :) ) What I missed here was more drivers at similar level as me :) it is perfect to have aliens like you guys in the pole, at least to see where are the limits :D, but then there is not much chance to compete in such pole. Maybe when I have 50k+ miles and more years of practice behind me :p
    Thank you Rob for organizing that champ and taking care of all that stuff what is around that. Hope some new challenges come soon! :) currently I'm enjoying Historic F3 challenge, which is pretty cool. and pretty beautiful in VR ;)
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  5. First of all – thanks to Rob and SRO for organizing this champ! I hope we will continue to have F3 races in future! This champ triggered Vermin Racing Team to return onto active racing and form a Team, so thanks for that as well :)

    About the Race. I didn't have a lot of practice due to lots of traveling this summer. Track seems very technical, you are starting to enjoy it once you build some speed/confidence. Both races were clean on start and fighting, no crashes, no crazy maneuvers. Avoiding mistakes and running out of the track was my objectives for the race. I do hope we will see all the drives joining the new champ and continue racing!
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  6. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

  7. Martijn van t Land

    Martijn van t Land Pro Driver

    Yeah a true sad moment for the AC community. One of the main reasons I played AC that much....

    What's next to go? Stracker:eek:
  8. Richard Tippet

    Richard Tippet Pro Driver

    Congratulations to Martijn firstly but also to everyone else for the racing this season... it's been so much fun! A lot of great racing... and I have had to push myself harder and harder to even get anywhere near some of you guys! Next Season should be great! Thank you to SRO and Rob for organising as well as Slava for providing the livestream stuff :D

    I have done the final race report of the season.... it's here:

    but also you can read a snippet of it here:


    With Van T Land, only needing two 11th place finsihes across both races to clinch the drivers title, the odds were always stacked heavbily against Nieminen, the only hope for Nieminen to take the battle into the final round whould be for Van T Land to not finish the race.

    As the red glow of the lights dimmed to nothing, all the cars roared off their grid spots. The fear had been for the first corner to cause a huge accident ,but every driver got away clean and no accidents. At the start of lap 2, Potapenko would re take his position from Milliken who had managed to get past during lap 1.

    A lap 5 mistake from Nieminen in turn 3 allows Williams to attempt a move on him around the outside into turn 5. Being off line and towards the dusty non grip side of the track, Williams' car lost grip and began to to spin into the path of Nieminen. The pair collied, which sents Williams off to do some lawn mowing in his car, Nieminen was able to continue and maintained his lead. With Williams dropping down to 5th. he is quickly let back past by Tippet, who had a little deep into turn 7. His mistake would be costly allowing Postma to mount an attack up the hill and into turn 1. Tippet backed out of the braking zone early, taking a tighter line to re-pass Postma on the exit of turn. Better traction by Postma meant that Tippet had to back out of it for turn 2 to prevent the pair going side by side through the twisty, tiight secor1.

    Read the rest on the website guys :D (because it's a big blog)

    Thanks again Everyone!
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  9. Martijn van t Land

    Martijn van t Land Pro Driver

    @Richard Tippet Great report!
    Small error, i'm placed p2 in race 1 rank in yourreport.
    Yes i was aiming for p2 but as you described backed off in the end to secure the championship so finished 3rd
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  10. Richard Tippet

    Richard Tippet Pro Driver

    oooh well spotted Martijn :) I missed that mistake ... correcting now :D

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