Assetto Corsa Round 5 Zandvoort

Discussion in 'Bad Voices GT3 Challenge Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    The following members have been unregistered from the series for non-attendance in recent races.

    Sergio Silva
    Henri Miettinen
    Olman Morales

    This track only has 18 driver slots available, so please unregister if you will not be attending, so that your slot will become available for somebody else who does want to race.
  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Server is up
  3. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    It was a very nice race. With some incidents for me and for others, but for me the worst was the fuel calculation. I did the math for 45 minutes :confused:o_O.
    This cost me 2 places :(.
    Sorry Roger if I was pushing to hard and touch you few times. Thank you for a nice race.
    PS When I start to get used with the car, the series in over :p
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  4. James Bird

    James Bird Pro Driver

    Great race guys, my game crashed twice, i saw it caused some problems. I watched the replay and my car de-syncronised, went through 1 barrier, the wheels came off then back across the track through another barrier head on into Philipp Pichler - McLaren MP4-12C Hexis Racing #7. I had no contol over this but never the less i'm really sorry as it finished their race....:(...Bet he had a fright! :eek:.
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  5. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    I think it was actually Darrel Kruger. ;)
  6. James Bird

    James Bird Pro Driver

    Ok, ...... whoever it was i'm sry.
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  7. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver

    06152019WRECK.jpg OK, pretty funny, who wrote the head on app? James! {edit)
    You guyes really must hate me!
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  8. Alex Bonner

    Alex Bonner Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    My heart goes out to Darrel. If ever there was a wrong place, wrong time to be on exactly that piece of tarmac that was it.

    James and myself watched the replay back and nearly missed it. The beginning looked like a glitch then to see the car warp through 3 barriers with no wheels and head on wipe out the 12C. Its such a bad coincidence.

    The pace of the back runners has improved a lot. You guys are getting harder and harder to bully :)
  9. James Bird

    James Bird Pro Driver

    My 'drive through barriers app' will soon be available!:D. Sorry Darrel, glad you can see the funny side. :) Bet you crapped your pants lool.
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