Assetto Corsa Round 5 Sebring

Discussion in 'RSS GT1 Series Closed' started by John vd Geest, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Good effort Angelo. Glad to see you were oke in the race recovering and all. And not a bad result either :).
    Yeah, Ricciardi shouldn't be in the Saleen but the Lambo in the result list. He's been in that car the whole season. Must be a data error somewhere.
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  2. Nuno Rodrigues

    Nuno Rodrigues Pro Driver

    What an effort to complete this one.
    I had a bad start but recover fast and after some crashes of other drivers, after some crasy laps, find myself at 6 place (???) behind Angelo dos Santos.
    I manage to persuit him about 2 or 3 laps but then i make a mistake and never caught is tail again.
    Then the tiredness took care of me plus i dont like this track and with bad feelings with the setup, i just gave up of trying to be fast.
    Because of that, i lost several places.
    Then, all about myself, i fight hard not to hit the ESC key as i was getting more and more and more tired but for the respect of all drivers and guys who make this competition possible i didnt

    Thanks all for this nice weeks, very glad to drive with fair and nice drivers. Thanks to all support from Admins too, who were always there helping out and doing everything for us to have good simracing.
    Hope to see u all next time ;-)
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  3. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Thank you all for competing in this series. It has been as good as I wanted it to be. This mod is absolutely fantastic!
    I only present you the series, but it is you, the members, that make it come to life.

    What's also fantastic is the way we all worked with each other on track. There has been lots of respect and fair driving throughout the series.

    And of course ... Big congratulations to Davide Ricciardi for winning this championship! You were very strong in every race and got the points you needed. Well done!

    But G.E.A.R. did win something ... The Team championship !! Thanks to the speed my Teammate Pablo Finotti !!

    Last, but not least, thanks to the broadcasters for commentating the whole series. You did an outstanding job!
    Matheus Marcal
    Joseph Wright
    Joshua Penny

    I will make a highlights video from the broadcast footage of the whole series, that will be up in a week or so.
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  4. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    So, last race of the championship. I didn't practice much. Been playing the VRC mod update with the new track and the ACC update when I had seat time. Planned to practice on saturday but I had a server update the night before for my work and a busy weekend which caused I didn't get to it. Still my setup was pretty good I think. But I started the race on the hard tire, which was the wrong tire. Story of my championship so far. Qualified in P3 which was pretty decent but could have done a 1'58.5 on a good lap. Start of the race went well. Gained a place when Henri spinned out on lap 1. I was able to pull away a little bit since Pablo and John were fighting behind me in the first stint. Once John got past he closed in on me quickly and overtook me in the big corner before the pit straight. I should have defended more there but wasn't expecting the move. John pulled away easily. I noticed he started on the mediums before the race and seeing my tires didn't warm up I decided to switch to mediums at the pit stop. Like John said in the commentary I also gauged how much fuel I needed at the half way mark and fueled about 5 liters extra to be safe. I do believe the Lister refuels faster, which helped John and me to jump the competition at the stop. But those extra liters cost me extra time and I rejoined the track behind Dennis and well.. I'm not a fan either, it also happened to me in Road Atlanta. Dennis defends hard and in my opinion he destroys his race and mine doing so. And it's also quite dangerous. Davide passed me but I was able to get him back on the straight when he lost acceleration when Dennis pulled into the pits. The medium tires were working so much better. More grip, faster. I was in P2 with Pablo behind me and I felt like I could hold it. But I pushed hard to build a gap to him so I couldn't get in my slipstream. But I went too fast in the last corner before the pit straight, had to apply too much steering angle and it caused the car to spin. Pablo was passed and later on Davide also overtook me in that corner like John. I feel like I should have defended the inside line there better on these occasions. Finished in P4 but that was a bit of a letdown considering I could have finished on the podium. Still had great racing and some nice battles with Davide, Pablo and John.

    Congratulations to John on a great win ! He kept pushing and made no mistakes. And congratulations to Davide for winning the championship.

    I was quite happy with the hard but also fair racing I had. Looking forward to the F1 1967 series !
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  5. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Great review Laurent. Didn't know you were on the hard tires. Was a bit surprised to catch you so quick, as you were pretty fast in the other races. That explains a lot.
    Yeah, the Lister refuels pretty quick. Faster then the Lambo :D. The Lister does have some perks to it as a compensation for being pretty shit on high speed tracks.
    But on twisty stuff it goes ...
  6. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Haha yeah, this was a good one for the Lister and you showed it !

    Had a really difficult first stint on the hards indeed. When I tried to push the car would spin out since the tires weren't in the operating window. Maybe I could have battled you for the lead starting on the meds :)
  7. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    I have not been able to participate in the last race of the series, however i watched it from beginning till the very end by accompanying the beatuiful commentary of Joseph and Matheus, it was kind of heart breaking to see Henri push so hard so early in the first couple of laps of the race and then disqualify at the end of a series of unlucky events. I was expecting Davide to maintain both his championship in the series and his leadership in race, although the latter, i think was so much for that Lanzo's tyres, they caused him to slow down, otherwise i cannot see another reason to why he has slowed down so much, perhaps he had damage to aerodynamics which i was not able to see through the broadcast. It was quite the enjoyment to watch top 4-5 guys fight for a better position. There have been some spectacular attempts of overtakes and i really enjoyed those. BUT, watching John vd Geest storm past his opponents, such as Finotti or Londes, (who had a bad tyre compound) like it was nothing and slowly closing the gap with Davide Ricciardi who was 8 seconds away and passing him in the pits with a great pit-stop strategy was the best thing in the race. What disappointed me most was that there was only one Viper racing and on the track and he disqualified about 8-9 laps in. That umm was not the treatment that car deserved, but i still thank the driver for not refraining the car from the last race of the series. I would particularly like to congratulate Dos Santos for being able to bringing the car to the chequered flag despite his health condition. I only had some fever and headache for the 4th round of this amazing series and had really big trouble to drive the car properly.

    It has been a great season nonetheless! I really loved the cars, and im sure im going to be practising and driving more of that Viper soon as i have a new steering wheel :p . I would like to thank the commentating team for keeping us entertained for the entire season with their lovely presentation of this breathtaking series! A share of my next paycheck is already reserved for a donation. However it will have to wait until i get my hands on it. :D

    I'm also excited for the classic F1 series, i registered for it, but open wheel cars have never been my strong side, nor they have been to my taste for cars. I have almost zero experience with them. I enjoy driving touring cars better, however I will probably practise, but i will participate depending on the feedback of my practise sessions.

    See you all then hopefully!
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  8. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I think you would have. There's surtenly enough speed in your right foot. You were ahead of me plenty of times before :D
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  9. Nathan Lockie

    Nathan Lockie Pro Driver

    Had a bit of a lonely race on Sunday, started off pretty badly, was already having my own spin into the last corner when Henri spun and unfortunately made contact with him which was a real shame, apologies for that Henri.

    From there on I just tried to keep my head down and put some solid laps in. Never really got into any wheel to wheel action which was a change from the rest of the series. Still really enjoyed the car and track combo and was lucky to pick up a few positions by going long on the first stint which secured 5th overall in the championship.

    Congratulations to Davide a deserved champion and congratulations to John for the race win and for organizing one of the best championships I've ever been involved with. Thanks to all the other competitors for racing so cleanly and fairly, and a massive thanks to the commentary team for their amazing work every week. Hoping for another series with these cars in the future!
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  10. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    Well, I have mixed feelings about that race.
    I approached it quite differently to the previous ones by:
    1. Doing all my practice on the tires I was actually planning on using in the race (sounds obvious right?)
    2. Clearing my HUD of all the extraneous crap I normally have for practice/learning a track (also pretty obvious and funnily enough talked about a lot by the race commentators)
    3. Checking the forums to make sure we were using the same version of the track <---- I DID NOT DO THIS!
    On the day of the race, I saw the forum posts saying that we were using a newer version of Sebring. This kinda sucked as I had nailed the braking and turn-in points based off the trackside objects in the old track. Never mind, I got it installed and managed to more or less find the equivalents during practice (except for the final right-hander - was only just managing to get that one right by the end of the race).
    Managed to qualify P9 which I was quite happy with, considering. Unfortunately, in the race itself, I got clipped by someone on the hairpin on lap 1 and ended up dropping to about 14th. I haven't replayed the incident, so don't know who it was or even whose fault it was, so apologies if I was to blame.
    Still, got back into the race and just concentrated on staying on track, managing to get past a number of others as they had incidents of their own. Most of the race before the pitstop was following @Nathan Lockie, occasionally getting close to him, then falling back again. After the pits, I was still behind him, and was in 6th, which is way better than any result of mine so far... I had @Philipp Pichler and @Angelo dos Santos behind me, but they weren't gaining significantly, so I thought I might manage to make it all the way, but then on the penultimate lap, I had my first major off. This left Philipp within a second of me. On the final lap, feeling the pressure, I came out of the hairpin way too slow and Philipp hit me from behind, which made us both spin. Thanks for the apology Philipp but I think it was as much my fault as yours. While he waited for me to retake my position (thanks for that too) Angelo snuck past both of us and took 6th place...
    So all in all, happy with my best result of the season, but a bit annoyed with myself for not managing to hold it together for one more lap.
    Still, it's been a blast. I was finally managing to get to grips with the car by the final race and would be well up for doing another series in them. Congrats to @Davide Ricciardi on the series win and big props to @John vd Geest for organising it. Also to the commentators and to everyone else for making it a great first series for me. I hope to get involved in a lot more.

    Next up: Reliving GPL in the '67 series. Better start practising now :)
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  11. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Just to confirm for reference and for future championships, I've looked in the data.acd of each of the cars, and all of them have the exact same pit stop properties of...

  12. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Maybe like rF2 there is a "fudge factor" built into the pit stop code?
  13. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Thanks, then I suppose the Lister burns less fuel. I think I refueled 65 liters. Started the race with 100.
  14. Davide Ricciardi

    Davide Ricciardi Pro Driver Donator

    THAT WAS EPIC !!!!!! What a championship, what a drama, it's been very hard to win this one !!!
    No need to tell you about my race, @Matheus Marçal @Joshua Penny and @Joseph Wright did an amazing job, thanks you so much guys, that was awesome !!!
    To all the guys I raced with, fantastic racers you all, race this monsters is for real gladiators only :D.
    @John vd Geest What a driver!! Thanks for your sweet words at the end of the race ;) I have to say.... you deserved this champ as well, I've just been a bit more lucky than you. Thanks for keeping me on my toes ;)

    Thanks to my team RLR for the support :D.

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  15. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Well, you got what you worked for. You were blistering fast throughout the series. Well deserved!!
    Grats again ;)
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  16. Denis Eshchenko

    Denis Eshchenko Pro Driver

    Thanks all drivers for particaple in this championship!
    Thanks John for invite me in this championship!
    Congrate Davide!

    Happy New Year! See you next year! ;):):cool::p
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  17. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Thank you Denis :)
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  18. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    Watched it now again in the replay and would agree, that was a racing incident. But still I could be more aware of what you are doing and secondly I think most of us don´t want to pass somebody by turning them around. Felt not right.
    The next time I would try to miss and pass you :D
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  19. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    Congratulation Davide for championship and also to John and Pablo. And of course, well done to all participants.
    It was a good series (sadly I participate only at 2 races out of 5), took me some time to build a friendly relation with my Ferrari (most important impediment was lack of time to practice), but in the end, we had a nice adventure :D
    For last race at Sebring I could make 2.01 consistent, but I could not participate :(.
    See you all on track !!!!
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  20. Johnny Gutierrez

    Johnny Gutierrez Pro Driver

    Congrats to the winner and Champion. Good stuff! Thoroughly enjoyed racing with you guys.
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