Round 5 Road Atlanta – into the night

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    Road Atlanta - We will start in daylight and go into the night.

    Road Atlanta, also known as Petit Le Mans, always turns out great sim races. This track has great appeal to it in the community. And for good reason. This track brings out the best in any simracer. You don't only drive this track with your right foot, but also with your head. You have to plan your attacks. There's little chance of overtaking in sector 1, so you have to get as close as you can to your opponent coming up the long back straight to attempt an overtake before the chicane. A lot of smooth driving is required here.

    This race will not be the usual 90 minutes, but 144 minutes (2,4 hours). So, a true endurance race!
    To make it all a bit more exciting, we will start the race in daylight and go into the night.

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