rFactor 2 Round 5 Road America

Discussion in 'ACD USF2000 Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
  2. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    I wont be on the grid today. :( I stayed at the cottage and can drive mower only :D
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  3. Gerhard Hofmann

    Gerhard Hofmann Pro Driver Donator

    Cu last round Pat.
  4. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    Well my performance had two sides today. I had very good quali sessions, resulting in my first pole since ages... Second place was not bad in the second session, even though I had messed up my second lap, could maybe a bit closer.
    Comparing both pole laps was interesting for me, maybe for you too.

    Andrew was taking the second (turn three) turn in second gear, I never could do that. But I drove turn 7 in third, he in second, same for the carousel. In addtion his driving style was much smoother than mine, extreme exmaple the kink. Andrew turns in a flowing movement, instead me catching a nervouse rear by "sawing".

    My race pace was not that good, no idea why. In addition I made a very costly error out of turn one, hitting the wall. In the end it was very fortunate to finish in third, just a few tence behind Jens and the winner Andrew.

    My second race was quite ok, just the start oh dear. I really thought I had no porblem to start when the horn sound (because you cannot see the man with flag form the front row) ... worked good in race 1, not in race 2. It was not the biggest jump start I ever produced. In a lunatic 45 min Automobilista race in Enna Pergusa I jumped because of misreading the lights, ending up in chasing the whole field down and ending stil winning. Not today, lost 37 seconds after eventual gaining two or three, but thats the price to pay when you make such stupid mistakes. In end Andrew again with a very good race, you would have won it even I would have got away with that start, says it all. Kudos to you.

    I made a video of that aswell, bad luck for the smoking Swede there, at least one advantage of jumping the start, I could avoid such things ;):mad:
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  5. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Hey Philipp,

    Thanks for the videos.
    I could see in race 1, that you seemed to have much lower downforce than I had. In the first few laps when we passed each other, you seemed to pass me easily, but I struggled to pass you when in the slipstream.
    Looking at the race stats, I was the 2nd slowest car on top speed in both races. (I was using 8/14 wings by the way)

    Didn't realise you jumped the start in race 2, just thought you had a rocket start and was looking forward to the fight with you until you took your drivethrough.

    You deserved better results tonight.
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  6. Jason Whited

    Jason Whited Pro Driver

    Wanted to get in on this today, however, I had a really strange issue occur.

    I came into the server a bit late only to notice the server displaying my nickname rather than my actual name.
    Apologies for jumping in and out of the server, btw...was trying desperately to sort it quickly, thinking I'd done something, but that was apparently not the case.

    After spending a ton of time deleting files, rebuilding files, double checking everything I could think of, I still had the issue. I come into the server, name appears as "jakal1131" (which is my Steam ID name. I even went as far as changing my Steam name, but it does not change the original account name and apparently that is where rF2 was pulling from, because I use that nickname nowhere else and have never used it in rF2)

    So, I began to think something was wrong with my rF2.
    But, then I checked 3 other servers in other leagues I run with. All of them displaying my real name when I went in. I go back in the SRO server, it's nickname again.

    So, I have no clue what caused it, or why only this particular server was doing it (I had no issues Sunday at Daytona here at SRO)

    Perhaps I'll find the cause, but I cannot understand what it would be at this point. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.
    Again, apologies for jumping in and out today, but was really hoping to make it in...but was not to be.
  7. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  8. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    check this post, more people had the same issue and we already solved it:

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  9. Jason Whited

    Jason Whited Pro Driver

    Thanks for the response, but that didn't do it for me and all was set correctly anyways.
    I do not have this issue elsewhere (even here at SRO, in other servers)....only ever seen it happen in this particular car, and just yesterday.
    I use rF2 multiple times a week for races, and generally run a few hours of it every day of the week...almost always in different servers. Never once had such an issue, so I'm not sure.

    ETA: Actually, tracked down that appdata folder just now, and perhaps that might (might) be the reason. But, why does this effect nothing else?
    Humm...seems that file was built a few years ago, and now wondering if it was tied to this particular car, because I do remember running something here around the time I started with rF2 in USF2000 (IIRC). Perhaps I didn't have things situated then, was using the nickname and it saved this and it's directly linked to the USF2000 car?
    Weird, but I'll have to go on the server and see if this changes anything.
    Had seen stuff about that appdata folder yesterday, but couldn't find it off the top in my files, so disregarded. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.
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  10. Martyn McClune

    Martyn McClune Pro Driver

    Race 1: too many stupid mistakes getting greedy on the throttle too early in corners and spinning . Got it together and put in some laps enjoying the rest of the race.

    Race2: good start but some minor errors and slowness meant I was just hanging on. Passed Phillip while he was in the pits and started to get faster each lap. Couldnt catch the fast guys but was happy with the way my car handled. Phillip passed me and I decided to try following him and put in my fastest lap.
    Enjoyed this series but Im away to Greece in two weeks so will miss the next round
    Thanks for the series and congrats to the race podiums
    Maybe get a bit nearer next series;)
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  11. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    Thanks Andrew, I drove 7/10 because the car seemed more stable with less wing, I started with 10/13. Probably a bigger gap between would have helped to make it more drivable, worth a try in the future.

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