Assetto Corsa Round 4 Road Atlanta

Discussion in 'RSS GT1 Series Closed' started by John vd Geest, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Hm, that looks like one of your acid flashbacks ... :p
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  2. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    Heheh, youth strikes back.
  3. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    In practice before qual, I did a really fast lap and I overdrove the car in qual trying to equal that time, so I went 6 tens back and started P11. A dangerous place on lap 1.

    I'm always better in the race then qual, so I had no worries. Although P11 is quite a way back when fighting for a championship. Had a "off" on lap 2 and lost some time. Fought my way back. Turned out to be good, because now I was in a tense fight with a lot of guys. Yusuf Macit, Laurent Londes and a few more. I had to go deep to try some overtakes.
    The setup was not bad, but also not exceptional. I never felt quite like it was "there". My biggest problem was the slow righthander, just before the long back straight.
    I never got the gearing / coasting right there for entry and exit. Lost time there. And that is the most important corner of the track if you want to set up the car for an overtake.

    Don't know why Pablo dropped back so much with the pit stop. He should have come out ahead of me.
    Grats to the podium and all contenders for a job well done.

    And what about the race winner: Henri Miettinen !!
    Finally, someone who shows what potential the Ferrari 550 has. I'm pretty impressed with Henri's first race in the series:

    Henri Miettinen

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  4. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver Donator

    Not my favorite car in these cars, but I looked at the list that only Ferrari and Viper were free, so I took Ferrari. Qual did not go well. Always behind someone slower, or I failed otherwise. I got a good start and I got first in the first lap. After that it was time to ride alone. At the end of the first stint, I spun and lost about 10 seconds. I hit to wall entry of pits, but didn't lose time much. At the end of the second stint, i spun again, losing maybe 4-5 seconds. But still a good result from the race. Maybe next time I'm sober :D
  5. Jeroen Remmers

    Jeroen Remmers Pro Driver

    Some family stuff came up and I couldnt race, sorry guys, I will be there for sebring!

    Also: If someone really likes these cars, within my other league we are starting a championship with them too, Saturday racing, pm me for info ;)
  6. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver Donator

    First of all... I "freaking" hate this track, it's on my hall of shame with COTA, Goodwood and Interlagos (all layouts). I'm more on stop-and-go tracks, favors my driving style immensely.

    For the championship sake, until the minute 35 of the Glen race, everything was running as planned, I was leading the championshp, and there's a decent chance I would have won that race, that was my plan before the championship started. I needed that points, because I knew my performance at Road Atlanta would be atrocious, always is. Anyway, the result went as expected, as my "prediction radar" pointed to a finish between P7 and P9.

    Q: Bad, 3 cars spun ahead of me during Q, and made me lift off on these laps. During the last practice session I did a 18.7, and I made a huge mistake at the last corner, so I was expecting something around 18.5. Qualifying well was crucial for me, because I knew I didn't have a decent race pace, low 21's at best. The strategy was to get a good position and hold the entire field behind me during the first half of the race, which I kind of did.

    R: It was a flawless driving, I didn't make a single mistake that costed me more than a couple of tenths. Unfortunately, I never managed to find a decent pace, as expected. Actually, it was better than I expected, at times. Had good battles, very respctful battles with Nathan and Laurent. I tried to hold them as hard as I could, but, in hindsight, that harmed my race, made me lose a lot of time, ultimately costing me 2 positions, at least.
    With 40 mins remaining I pitted, maybe took 1 lap more than I should, put 80 liters and returned P8. As John pointed, I don't know why I lost all these positions, my laps with worn tyres weren't horrendous, both at 22. Stretching the first stint was a strategy to make possible full attack in the last 35 mins. This strategy was proven pathetically wrong, because, even being a lot faster than the first stint, I was still slower than anyone else, never having a chance to fight back for the 3 positions I lost.

    With the championshp already lost, I'll just try to have a good time at Sebring.

    PS: experienced 2 severe screen freezes, like 2 secs each. luckily, nothing happened. Write about it later.
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  7. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The rules state that members who don't unregister will be removed from the series. I will keep you in this time.
  8. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The following drivers have been removed from the series as No-shows:

    Dario Walker
    Neil Rocks
    Callum Barron
    Ricardo Carvalho
    Eric Cline

    Other members have unregistered without notice.
  9. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    You should have a good time! Winning a championship is just a perk for me. It doesn't mean sh*t. What does mean sh*t is having exciting fights on track as you did.
    You should be glad you had them. Would you rather win by 30 seconds ahead of everyone without a single fight? Boring !!
    Wouldn't you say you had a good time if you left the pressure of the championship out?
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  10. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Road Atlanta. I like the track quite a bit actually, any of the tracks so far. But the pace of the Lister wasn't there. The long back straight kills it for the Lister imo. I was pretty fast on Road America but there I managed to run pretty low wing settings. Something I also tried on Watkins Glen and failed miserably. With more wing on this track the car felt pretty good actually but the top speed was really lacking.

    Q: I could have qualified about 3 tenths up for a 1.19.0 which would have put me a few places higher up, but then again, so could have other guys.

    R: Overall I'd say the first time I actually pitted only once and started on the right tire :) Constant battle with someone, which was fun. Braked too late in the chicane on two occasions going barely off road but returned to track to actually take the chicane. No big incidents at least. Nathan was the fastest Lister on this one but he and John were always close throughout the race. After the pit stop I was behind our famous Denis Eschchenko which costed me quite a bit of time and allowed John to close in. That last part of the race was the hardest with John pushing 2 seconds behind me. We held the difference to 2 seconds for a very long time. I made a mistake going over the hill to the finish. Put the car in the grass with the left wheels and couldn't accelerate and then also misshifted later on which caused John to close in on me. We had pretty different setups as he was gaining on me on some parts while I was gaining in others. That made overtaking really hard, so I still felt quite safe as long as I didn't mess up. The race was quite exhausting but I liked it very much. P5 wasn't so bad considering the pace of the Lister. I would have liked to snatch the position from Nathan in front who seemed to have some problems at the end of the race but I never got close enough. Great racing throughout with Pablo, Phil, Yusuf and John.

    All that said, I almost got lapped and didn't expect that. The Lister is really not as quick as I imagined. Congrats Henri !

    I feel bad for Yusuf who put 220 laps in on the training server before race start !! He made some mistakes but if I'm not mistaken the race starts at 1 am for him, so he must be tired. But really, it shows a lot of dedication !

    Great commentary again guys ! Loved watching the stream. However often the cars were sliding or even warping at times. I guess that is because you are live streaming at the same time ? Oh yeah, and there are 6 cars, the 2 ferraris are really not the same ;)

    For the championship I wish there wasn't a mistake at the first race where I couldn't pick the Lister while I had a pretty good pace with it. But as John said, that's not important, it's the racing and the fun you have that counts.

    See you next round !
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  11. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Yusuf was also sick. He had a fever. So ... dedication indeed. He did quite well considering.
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  12. Nathan Lockie

    Nathan Lockie Pro Driver

    Really enjoyed Sunday’s race, was suprised to be the fastest lister considering how quick John and Laurent had been in previous races. Had some really enjoyable battles with Laurent and Pablo and was slowly catching up to Phil Brown at the end of the race until he was taken out by a back maker being lapped. Thanks to the commentary team, top work as always and thanks to John for organising a great series, see you at Sebring!
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  13. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    ugh... that race was horrible... couldn't string it together at all and i think i drove a different line on every lap. Probably contributed to the 5 offs I had. All in all a bit disappointing. Apologies to @Laurent Londes who I rear-ended on the last chicane on about lap 4/5
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  14. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    I had slight damage to my rear, I don't think it costed me much time.
  15. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver Donator

    I agree partially with you. My enjoyment depends both on the track I'm racing and on the battles. For example, I enjoyed more that easy win at Riverside, where I raced alone almost the entire race, than the fierce battles I had here.
    I really don't like this track, I spent this entire race just trying to stay alive (and slow, hahaha), and this is extremely tiring.
    Anyway, good battles almost always make a race worthwhile, unless you completely dislike the track... but winning is good, lol.
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