Round 4 Macau

Discussion in 'Renault RS.01 Sport Trophy Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Ken Jagger

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    Server is up
  2. Philipp Pichler

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    One of my worst races I have ever drove. I have no idea what happend at the start in front of me, but I could not avoid the spinning cars and ended up with my car in the wrong direction.
    My car had damage too, but I was able to continue. Only to get later into the back of Barrett, who had problems in the hairpin. Which was tough because the visibilty in this car is really limited. The same misfortune happend to me twice, so no critisims.
    Then I had a awful sequence with Mattia, sorry about that. Probably just a Macau thing.

    Before Alex could put me a lap down I decided to pit and repaired the damage without changing the tyres. After that my race got better although to finish fourth surprised me. (By the way, the game did not let me finish the race)
  3. Ken Jagger

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    It's an AC thing. There is a server setting for the amount of time allowed for other cars to cross the finish line after the leader completes his race. Unless it's adjusted for a typical laptime for each track individually, it can end the race when some cars are still running their final lap, but it doesn't affect the race results. It's a bit of a cranky idea from Kunos, but that's the reason.
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