Automobilista Round 3 San Francisco GP B

Discussion in 'Taking it to The Streets Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
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  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Please note that the track version to be used for this race has been changed from Sprint to Grand Prix B. Both versions (and more) are included in the track download, so if you have already installed it then you do not need to anything else.
  3. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    This track remembered me on several arcade games a played in the past (Driver San Francisco, Grid... and even Grand Turismo), at some point these jumps were hilarious. Nothing we have regularly here, maybe we should consider a one off race with the Automobilista Super Stadium trucks, were you race over ramp. see

    But enough off topic, good race Ken. After yesterday I was a bit more careful at the start. Lost my position and followed Ken the whole race. I was figuring out where could I try someting in the last lap. Dive bombs seemed very difficult, a different line in the tight and twisty last sector too. The best opportunity seemed to be the fast thrid gear left hander. It seemed to me that I had more wing than Ken, therefore I hoped to pass him maybe arround the outside. But I didn´t have to, which was probably good. Though and intense one.

    Congrats Fabricio and Csaba, and thanks to all of you for running.
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  4. Ramon Llupart

    Ramon Llupart Pro Driver

    Congrats to the podium!

    Crazy track this one, remembered me ages ago playing San Francisco Rush on N64 :cool:

    Nothing mucho to comment about my race, I just didn't have the pace here to challenge anyone, so just cruised to the end trying to end with my four wheels in place. :p

    Small bruises but at the end was job done, so happy about that. I still can't understand how I ended second in Baku with this car. Maybe I did a Stroll because I really can't understand the M3. Let's see what's next.

    Btw I like the idea Philipp threw, something light with mods like trucks, karts, etc could be a nice event! :D
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  5. Fabricio Lourenço

    Fabricio Lourenço Pro Driver

    what a crazy circuito_O
    I really enjoyed running on it:D

    Well, in qualifying I didn't get a lap, I only got 12.6 and when I crashed it was less than 2 minutes, so I couldn't open another lap, a shame I couldn't fight for pole.:(

    But I managed to start very well and keep a good pace, so I just tried not to make mistakes and finish the race:)
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  6. Fabricio Lourenço

    Fabricio Lourenço Pro Driver

    It would be great:D
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