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Discussion in 'Renault RS.01 Sport Trophy Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Ken Jagger

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    Server is up
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    sry, can't find the password....
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  4. Ken Jagger

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    I find it very strange how these cars can feel so different from track to track, at least that's how it's been for me in the first three races. At the opening race at Bathurst, I thought the default setup felt pretty good, yet others were complaining about it under-steering too much. I ended up with a setup there that felt pretty good and was responsive over the mountain part of the track.
    Then we went to Paul Ricard, a much different track to Bathurst. I started with the Bathurst setup figuring the two long straights had something in common, but the car was under-steering so much I was struggling big time. I started with default again and managed to get something working that was only a bit better, but never got on top of it completely.

    Now we ran at China today and using the PR setup it felt very stable out of the box and only a slight tweak to the setup was needed to fine tune it to my liking. I don't know enough about the physics engine and track design for any Sim, but I'm left wondering if my experience is due to varying levels of default grip co-coefficients built into the track that causes the differences?

    Racewise I was expecting Alex to disappear as he did, but figured I'd have a job holding onto 2nd with Kimi and Jari behind. Fortunately I was able to slowly pull away from them so I never came under attack for the place. A few guys went out, but not sure whether it was connection issues or retirements?
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  5. Roger Hinds

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    I got nailed in t1, by some guy using me as his brakes, caught them up only to find he didn't like being passed, you have to leava da space, any how fun cars . The assetto corsa fuel calc , crewchief let me down so had to pit. but your right Ken the car felt very different from Paul Ricard. didn't have anything for the fast guys. Also my 1st full race in VR
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  6. Kevin Elmes

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    i saw 2 incidents on the first lap both made me slow right down and take a bit of damage then i had to slow down to deal with something in real life but i pulled off line then spun someone in t1 did not mean too i just drifted out too much and gave him such a small tap but that was enough but i did stop to give the place back then it was un eventful
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  7. Kimi Martikainen

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    Comfort 3rd place was comin before disconnect (again), well, I saved 15 minutes my life from this horrible track... ;)

  8. Kevin Elmes

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    we need a race at VIR that track is amazing
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  9. Alex Bonner

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    AC's VR is very good, if the mirrors worked right I would give AC a 10/10. I have all my fingers crossed ACC is as good. Do you think you will stick with VR Roger? A couple of my friends just can't get used to wearing the HMD but to me it just feels like a crash helmet.

    I had the same trouble at Bathurst.

    I looked back after turn 2 and see 1 car backwards and 3 alongside. Was there a lot of damage?
  10. Roger Hinds

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    no didn't feel any damage, VR will get better and better, at first I got motion sickness feeling , but stuck with it and eventually it went away. Vr is a great tool for learning the apex. I used to ride a motorbike so the enclosed feeling is not a problem. also I have fitted 2 mini fans plugged into mini usb station velcro'd to the head strap to keep help keep me cool.
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