Assetto Corsa Round 2 Road America

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  1. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver

    I wasn't near the front, so can't comment on that. But for the guys around me I was quite impressed by the driving and the respect of the back markers. We had a few duels back in the pack and went around corners side by side, a little rubbing, but that is racing. No one putted anyone that I saw. After a while it thinned out a lot and we were having our own battles back there.
    I just joined the league and the car/mod was new to me. I installed and got a rough setup in 2 days, which is fast for me. I'll have a better setup at the next race.
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  2. Johnny Gutierrez

    Johnny Gutierrez Pro Driver

    Good racing on everyone's part. I had a blast. For some reason an hour and a half in these cars seems like eternity but I love it. Went from 19th Place to 7th place. Almost all the places I gained were from people in accidents or just not running consistent times so there's always an advantage in that. Had a good run with John. I'm not sure but he might have had front end damage, thus why he wasn't passing down the straights.

    Congrats to the winner and finishers in this race. Good stuff guys.

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  3. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    You are right, thanks, that helps to stabilize the car, even more than at the Buddh, where I felt no real difference. Strange though I gained no lap time. Next thing I tried was to copy Tonis gear ration, who drove a shorter gear ratio but was not faster than me on the straights.

    Although I still was no faster than before but it´s time to move on to the next round.
  4. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Being in the right gear for corner entry and exit is more important. I'll bet that is different ;)
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  5. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    Another fun race... Such a good track.
    Managed to get a new PB in quali with a 2.03.8x which put me in 10th. Realised my meds were never going to make it halfway so had a last minute change to hards despite not having practised with them.
    Car felt really good though from the off, and managed to gain quite a few places at the start due to some issues for folks ahead.
    Also realised in the first few laps that my gears weren't right for the long straight as I got overtaken easily despite getting good exits. Had a lot of pressure from Nuno Rodrigues before he pitted.
    When I pitted after about 50 mins, I realised my pit strats didn't include enough fuel, so panicked a bit and ended up filling it to the brim again, wasting a bit of time. Came out of the pits and had Davide Ricciardi and Yusuf Macit behind me and gaining fast, while Nuno Rodrigues was in front. Knew I wouldn't be able to hold off Yusuf or Davide so I let them by (by making unforced errors on corner exit) but managed to get past Nuno again. Looking back at the pass on Nuno, it might have been a little bit aggressive but thankfully he eased off rather than letting me cause an incident. At the end, John vd Geest was right on my tail but I managed to just hold him off on some attempted passes, and he wasn't close enough to capitalise on the small mistakes I was making, finishing within a car length of me.
    I came home in 8th which I was really happy with, as I was aiming for top ten, but most of all I was happy not to make any major mistakes and keep it on track for the whole 90 minutes. Brilliant fun again, especially watching the commentary which showed a lot of what was going on in the rest of the field.
    Onwards to Watkins Glen!
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  6. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver Donator

    idd these broadcast make these leagues far more interesting and enjoyable to watch!
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  7. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    One thing i'd love to point out;

    If there is one thing to be learned from this last race at Road America, at least for me, it is definitely the importance of not giving up no matter what. (Exlcusive of cars going out of track into the space i am looking at you @Rob Milliken)
    We can see many drivers have climbed up a lot of positions despite falling so behind of the field at the start of the race, including me. But those, who did not give up and continued the race even if with a slower pace due to the problems they have had , have finished the race in top 10 or close.
    From here, we can see that not quitting does indeed help a lot to where you finish. I thought to myself during the start of race "Just keep going, do not worry about that incident you have one and half an hour more!"

    I absolutely admired the performance of other drivers such as @Davide Ricciardi and @Laurent Londes to name a few.

    This is not an inspirational speech or anything like that by the way, do not get me wrong. It is just so good to see the amount of drivers who do not quit and continue the race after so many incidents, strategy failures they have had during the race.

    Let's see what Watkins Glen has to offer for us 2 weeks later!

    (Loving the livestream and especially the commentary so far, i watch it after each race! It really adds a lot to this championship, i could donate you guys a drink per race! :D)
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  8. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    You can pour it into the Donate button on the homepage :cool:
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  9. Nuno Rodrigues

    Nuno Rodrigues Pro Driver

    It was a nice race in persuit and beeing persuit. Nothing to point out to you. It was a good pass, as i fail the brake, and always prefer not to risk it ;-)
  10. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Where is the button? I must be going blind as I can not find it.
  11. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Found it!
    It is right down at the bottom where nobody ever goes!
    Should be put up on the top IMHO.
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  12. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver

    Can we get the replay, for some reason it didn't save on my computer.
    Looking at the race times, with the F's being 1 second off the lap times of the others, has there been any consideration of reducing the ballast in the F's??
  13. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill Pro Driver

    I have the full replay and will try to get it on here tonight if that helps anyone.
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  14. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I have tested the Ferrari 550 with 60 kilo's BOP and they can keep up fine when I drive it.
    What is the fastes qual time you can do at Watkins Glen in the Ferrari 550?
    With 60 kilo's I did a 1,45,500 to test with the Ferrari 550.

    Sorry, my replay only saved half the race.
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  15. Simon Pike

    Simon Pike Pro Driver

    Does BOP just affect speed or fuel and tire usage aswell because I saw people pitting what seemed a long time after me plus I lost out big time in pits at first race don't know where from 16 seconds I think.

    This is not a criticism just food for thought as I am really enjoying it ;)
  16. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    I would think that....

    If you use ballast as a BOP (which is used in this series) then it will affect speed, fuel usage and also tyre wear.

    If you use the BOP percentage that is available in AC, that just reduced engine power, which shouldn't affect tyres and would probably make your fuel last longer than normal.
  17. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I would think it affects tirewear as the car is heavier. But the Ferrari 550 is by far the fastes car in the pack and needs the BOP.
    That is the prize you pay for driving that car.

    I will take off 10 kilo's more and reduce the BOP to 50 kilo's for the Ferrari 550. But that's the max, or it would become onfair to the other cars.
  18. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver

    Adding wt is going to increase tire wear & reduce cornering speed in addition to straight line acceleration. If given a long enough straight, it shouldn't effect straight line top speed at all. On a closed course the straights are too short, so the BOP is effecting acceleration.
    In my opinion, if the car is heavier it should still have superior acceleration, cause the cornering speed has been reduced more than the other cars.

    Another thought is to add ballast to the winners, regardless of cars. That would balance the talent and make closer racing, but the winners would end up with 100kilo's by the end of the season if you just implimented 15,10,5 kilos for 1,2, & 3 places at the finish.
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  19. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    Although i agree with the reduction of ballast for the 550 Ferrari's by 10-15 kgs -
    I strongly disagree with the idea of adding ballast to the top finishers.
    BOP is mainly used in real life to even out the cars, not the drivers. One should not have any rights to restrict a fast driver to go faster in an equal car, and we have already witnessed many close battles in the past two rounds.
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  20. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    I definitely second this.
    I'm slower than the top guys: Their laptimes give me a good target to miss by miles aim for. I don't want them hobbled to give me more chance to catch up otherwise there's no incentive to improve.
    Conversely, how depressing would it be if the top guys all had an extra 200kg weight and were still leaving me behind? :)
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