rFactor 1 Round 1 Paul Ricard 88

Discussion in 'LMPC Sprint Challenge Closed' started by Ken Jagger, May 21, 2018.

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    For this opening race of the new series, I was really pleased to welcome two of our old racing buddies from R2P, Alex Freitas & Joao Botelho de Sousa, to SRO :) It was especially tough for Joao as he hasn't done much, if any, racing since R2P closed, but he drove sensibly and intelligently getting the cobwebs out of his sytem. Well done mate!
    Alex was running well, but appeared to have a couple of incidents, finally resulting in a pit-stop from which he didn't recover :( Maybe the pit-crew couldn't be bothered fixing things o_O. Hopefully Alex will be able to join us in any future races running on weekends for rF1, due to his work schedule not fitting in with our weekday races.

    Cesare did his usual disappearing act from pole position, although the gap at the flag between us wasn't as big as usual. Maybe I've found a car mod that he's not so good with!;)
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    Oops ... I have to improve:):):)
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