rFactor 1 Round 1 Kyalami

Discussion in 'Classic Formula 1 1978 LE Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
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  2. Eric Moinet

    Eric Moinet Pro Driver

    Sorry guys, can't make this one and probably the next one as well. New job this month and not enough time to practice currently. Have fun.
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  3. Luis Almeida

    Luis Almeida Atlantic Team Manager

    I may miss first round, have to go out of town for business and don´t know what time I may be back.
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  4. Norman Bruce

    Norman Bruce Pro Driver

  5. Miguel Santos

    Miguel Santos Pro Driver

    WOW! What a start to the season! 'Just wanna say thanks to all of you guys who make this championship possible, organizers and colleague drivers. At the moment I can't play any sim newer than rF1, so I feel very grateful for being a part of this series. Once again, thank you! :D:D:D

    PS: And if I troubled anyone on track, I'm sorry.
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  6. Ramon Llupart

    Ramon Llupart Pro Driver Donator

    Not much to say about yesterday's race.

    My race was ruined in the start, I hope for the next one drivers practice the start because that one was little bit amateurish.

    Then it was the big incident in first lap wich I hope will be revised by admins, cause it was seriously redneck behaviour of one driver wich caused Norman and Jorge races finished.

    Hope the next one will be better. See you.
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  7. Paul Anstey

    Paul Anstey Pro Driver Donator

    Really wasn't on the same pace as Ricardo but on my last lap I got a superb tow up the hill to the finish line which was worth half a second or more, and I stole the pole by 0.02 seconds. Thankyou to whoever pulled me up the hill :).

    Had a great start and got a second or so gap to 2nd place. Ricardo though really was on another plane and he caught me very quickly, powered past and was gone in an instance. Are we sure these cars have the same power ;). Nothing I could do so I set about running at my own pace rather than trying to push and make a mistake. I was pulling away from 3rd place so I had a very comfortable race. The pitstop was a bit of a mess as I thought my pit box was at the beginning of the pit lane so I slowed right down only to find it was right at the end of the pitlane. I had a 48 second gap at this point so no real damage done and I came back out in 2nd with a 24 second gap to 3rd. That was it. Bit of a dull race. Think these cars have way too much grip. I was running lowest wing settings and the car never broke away from me. Still fun though and think this series is going to be a good one. Just hope I can run all races but that might not be possible, sodding health. These longer races are a bit painful for me.

    Congratulations to Ricardo. Superb pace :)
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  8. Fabricio Lourenço

    Fabricio Lourenço Pro Driver

    I could not hit a setup on this car so I got a very high lap time, but I managed to make a safe setup for the race

    I had an incident at start, but I was lucky not to have damaged the car. I had to slow down so I did not hit the front car.

    I was able to recover, but I had an accident with Barrett Erickson. I think we had different braking points and I ended up hitting him, so I should apologize to him.

    I really liked my sixth position, it was a challenge
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  9. Ricardo Almeida

    Ricardo Almeida Pro Driver

    First of all I really enjoy see these old F1's racing. Just love it. Really happy SRO sets this series.
    QUAL: First lap of my first run was OK but not great. On my second lap I was couple hundreds of second down but I decide to abort my lap to not compromise my second attempt (it shows it was a bad decision because I miss the pole by 0,02 sec). Second attempt, at my first lap, the exit of turn 2 someone was there cruising so I have to lift and ruin my time. So let's try again on the next lap. So let's start, same corner another driver was there and spinning and locks the brakes in front of me. Again my lap was ruined. So to late no more time to try.:mad:
    RACE: I feel I got a good start but it looks I got more wing than others and I been passed easily. From the start all cars around me have some massive lags so I try to stay in my line to avoid any possible contact. So I decide to stay fourth and not fight to much until we got to the front straight. Luckily after gaining 3rd lag go away for the good. So I can attack normally. Passing Miguel for 2nd on the straight and catching Paul. I got a good slipstream from Paul to pass him but he as low wing for sure because I cannot complete my overtake before the corner. But with the quality of drivers SRO got the fight with Paul on turn 1 was clean. After that it's just matters of hitting my marks and be careful with lap cars. Paul pit earlier than me so I have 55 secs cushion. Me to I was surprise to see my pit spot be so far in the pit lane and some time lost after the job was complete (Lost 4 or 5 secs extra).

    Anyway I enjoy the race and congrats to podium and finishers. I hope more will join this series. It was so nice to see all these different cars.
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