Assetto Corsa Round 1 Buddh International Circuit

Discussion in 'RSS GT1 Series Closed' started by John vd Geest, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    One another thing i would like to add referring to yesterdays broadcast: Could you please lower the in-game sound a little? As much as i love hearing the roaring engines, it is also very important to be able to hear the commentators. I think this would definitely improve the overall quality of the broadcast. After the race i watched the entire video and the ingame sound was truly overlapping the comments.
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  2. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I also found that annoying. Very true. I have talked this over with the team and it should be better next time.
  3. Matheus Marçal

    Matheus Marçal Pro Driver Broadcaster Media Group

    Thank you Yusuf for the awesome battles and the clean racing since the start! Thanks for the feeback!

    We are working on the sound quality and should be loud and clear by next round! Thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, we only noticed how loud the cars were, compared to our voices, after the broadcast was over... sorry for that and thanks for the feedback!
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  4. Nathan Lockie

    Nathan Lockie Pro Driver

    Really enjoyed last nights race, had some great battles throughout the field especially with Chris. Made a few silly mistakes which dropped me down a few spaces, all of which seemed to be captured on the broadcast somehow! Thanks to the broadcasters and congratulations to the podium!
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  5. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill Pro Driver

    Was very apprehensive about last nights race but really enjoyed it despite having to empty my underpants afterwards due to the extremely close battle with Nathan. Man you were moving around so much in my mirrors, I assume trying to distract me, that I just had to stay on the racing line as much as possible and defend where I could. I think in the end we only touched once as I tried to leave my braking for as long as possible into the final hairpin before the downhill section to the final corner. Luckily I had the pace in the Ferrari to pull away on the straights but was quite frankly sh1t through the corners. Had a good battle with Johnny also but I cant remember what happened whether I made a mistake and he got passed or whether he got passed on pace or whether it was at the pitstop. Sorry for not remembering Johnny
    Unfortunately my teammate and I were on the same strategy so when Simon told me that he was going to run out of fuel I feared the worse. I must have just (ahem) done enough fuel saving with my slower pace!!
    Well done Simon for the race you had until your (ahem) fuel pump problem.

    Congratulations to the podium and thank you to the organisers for such a great event
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  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    What ?? how can this happen ? ..someone was in your car then .. You were and have been assigned that car from the beginning :confused:o_O:mad:
    image of skin list.jpg

    Ok from now on ALL DRIVERS MUST BE ASSIGNED A CAR .. even the broadcasters ...
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  7. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Great racing ! & great track ! although I had never driven it before & struggled in practice & also in the race ..Being well off the pace my goal was simply to finish ! lol I did manage to finally get down within 3 sec's of race pace by the end of the 90 min ! lol I will be ready for this track next time :D.

    some images ..
    The lambo does do some power sliding ….:eek:
    Screenshot_rss_gt_lanzo_v12_india_22-10-118-13-35-26.jpg Screenshot_rss_gt_lanzo_v12_india_22-10-118-13-28-46.jpg Screenshot_rss_gt_lanzo_v12_india_22-10-118-13-24-56.jpg
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  8. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    Well, that was a lot of fun. Sneaked a couple of places at the start, and was doing ok in 10th until a silly off dropped me to 13th...
    Had a great mini battle with Denis Eshchenko about 15 mins in, which saw us swap places about ten times. In the end, he got in front but then went off with whoever was in front of him, and I just managed to get past without any major contact. I'll have to try and get a vid of it.
    He still ended up way ahead of me at the end due to superior pit strats.
    Not a lot happened until my pitstop, and this is where I went wrong: Stayed out a bit too long on scrappy tires, and then had too much fuel to add, so ended up dropping quite a way back...
    The worst bit of the whole race, though, was getting lapped on the last corner of the last lap, which meant I didn't get one more lap round (which would have gained me another place from whoever it was that ran out of fuel - Laurent Londes?).
    Still though, considering I know nothing about:
    - setups (I was on default except for fuel)
    - driving these cars (most experience in Dirt Rally and Grand Prix Legends :) )
    - pit stop strategy (I've rarely done races longer than half an hour)
    I'm quite happy with the result and hope to end higher up in the next race.
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  9. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    Sorry @John vd Geest, I saw your message, but I forget. I have the full replay. Still you need it?
  10. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    No thanks, nobody protested :)
  11. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    May i have the full replay file, please?
  12. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

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