Round 1 Bridgehampton

Discussion in 'The DNF Series – Mclaren M23 Closed' started by John vd Geest, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    I've added you to the GEAR team :)

    - original track created by LilSki (Assetto Corsa)
    - converted for rFactor 2 by digga
  2. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    You better sign up quick if you're going too. There's already 1 red light.
  3. Martyn McClune

    Martyn McClune Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    Signed up for this series , unfortunately late to the party so red light at the moment. Brand new to rfactor but have already downloaded car and track. Done a few laps practice and it is great fun to drive . Need to sort FFB settings and have a play with car up set up. Hoping to get a green light some time in the series although ok if not too.
    I really liked rfactor back in the day and so far I am not dissapointed by 2.
    Heres hoping :)
  4. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Round 1 Bridgehampton can only take 24 cars, all other rounds have a max. of 30, so I think you're good for the rest of it in any case :)
  5. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver

    @Karl Steeg
    Default setup feels pretty good, so i think i drive this round with that. I try change some adjustments, but it went worse. But if i change my mind, and do something to setup, i let you know.
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  6. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    rFactor2 does not feel fine for me yet. FFB feel is off, feeling disconnected from the car. In VR I get nausea from the head movement although I tried to turn it off. No such thing as lock to horizon ? VR is not really smooth either. Sound is really underwhelming. Mirrors are useless as well, I see the guard rails instead of behind the car, any way to tweak that ? First I need to try to get better FFB feel.I have done the tweaks to allow rFactor2 to set the wheel lock for OSW wheel.
  7. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver

    I use this ffb settings, and it work to me pretty good

    Try to turn Exxagerate Yaw setting lowest as possible if that helps to VR problems

    Turn to Sound Effects to maximum

    Window adjustment buttons
    * Left Mirror Params: 0 / 0
    Ctrl + Fore = move mirror outwards
    Ctrl + Aft = move mirror inwards
    Ctrl + Up = zoom out
    Ctrl + Down = zoom in

    * Right Mirror Params: 0 / 0
    Left Alt + Fore = move mirror inwards
    Left Alt + Aft = move mirror outwards
    Left Alt + Up = zoom out
    Left Alt + Down = zoom in
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  8. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    thank you.
    appreciate the guidance :)

  9. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Under settings > display - bottom left there is 'stabilize horizon' with Off, Low, Medium and High settings (I have it off but maybe that will help)
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  10. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    There are a few red light drivers on the signup list.
    Please remember to unregister (for that 1 event) if you can't make the race, so the red lights can move to green light status.
  11. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver

    In this car all mirror adjustments not working, so I couldn't adjust them that I could see my back. Only see woods and fences. It's pretty hard to fight without crashing, if you don't see what happens to behind you. Is there any way to fix this?

    Also on this track, VR does not work as smoothly as on other tracks. Maybe it is some optimization thing, what is better other tracks.?
  12. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    I use the virtual mirror and bound buttons to look right and left.
  13. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver

    I think that won't work with VR
  14. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Virtual mirrors work on rF2 in VR
    Check inside the player.json

    "Rearview Onboard":1,
    "Rearview Onboard#":"0=Off, 1=Center+Sides, 2=Center, 3=Sides (virtual mirrors only, in-car mirrors are on\/off),

    "Virtual Rearview In Cockpit":true,
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  15. Eric Cline

    Eric Cline Pro Driver

    I have an oculus and rfactor2 was the only game not running very smooth or barely running rather..all other games I had no problems..I was using a 1060 3gb which was struggling with rfactor ..I just upgraded to the msi 1660ti and now it runs great even turned up the pixel density to 140% to make it look even better..the mirrors are adjustable like mentioned above but it dosent show the car in them which is weird but they do work..not sure about the horizon setting as its fine for me .
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  16. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Pole position & Fastes lap points

    In this series you get extra points for pole position & fastes lap of the race. So, if you score in both categories, you're looking at 10 points extra. If you didn't get pole, you can still get 5 extra points in the race with the fastes lap:

    1. Pole position = 5 points
    2. Fastes lap of the race = 5 points
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  17. Paul Anstey

    Paul Anstey Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    Karl don't worry about your lap times especially for this one. I think the slow guys may well win out here as the faster guys may find if difficult to maintain speed over an hour. This will be a race of very high attrition. One thing I do is look at the people I'm racing with. Are you new to sim racing or just finding rF2 more difficult than other sims? SRO welcomes all comers from the slowest to the quickest. When I started out driving rF1@R2P I had no idea what I was doing and considered being lapped by the leaders a couple of times a good result. Ignore the alien creatures at the front and try and race with the guys you know are roughly the same speed as you and try and keep up with them. If you finish ahead of them then good result, job done. ;)

    Have you got the Virtual Race Engineer. This taught me a lot about setups. It's still a black art to me mind you but with a bit of knowledge and, trial and error you can quickly learn what does what. If you have Assetto Corsa then read all the tool tips that pop up when you highlight the various areas you can change. There is a lot of useful info stored there. I have some screen shots of that, that I can post here if you want it.

    Again I'll post my setup here before the race (for what its worth) but I'm not fast either. However using other peoples setups may not lead to faster times as people have different driving styles. So well worth sitting down and learning what everything does. Once you've learnt the basics you can apply your knowledge to any of the sims out there.

    Practice, Practice, Practice and then some more Practice. Until you've learnt the mod/track don't even think about changing the default setup. Unless it's completely undriveable then only change the minimum to get a comfortable setup. If you don't know how fast you are with the default setup then how do you know that any changes you make result in a faster setup.
    Not sure what your level of sim racing is so hopefully I'm saying some useful if fairly obvious help tips here.

    - Practice, Practice, Practice.
    - Fast laps mean nothing. Focus on consistency and improving your average lap times.
    - Practice, Practice, Practice.
    - get virtual race engineer to learn about setups
    - Practice, Practice, Practice.
    - ask others for their setups. If they say no then fine but most will be happy to share.
    - Practice, Practice, Practice.
    - Don't worry about how slow you are now focus on those that have a similar pace as you and aim to beat them.
    - Practice, Practice, Practice. Think I may have mentioned this but it's the one most forgotten.

    For me it's a case on just how many laps I'll do during the race before I crash and burn :)
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  18. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Thanks for the tips Henri and Andrew !

    My FFB was really awful, I think the forces were even reversed. Right now if sort of feels good except the strength of the FFB. The road and bumps are much stronger than the resistance I feel when cornering. I'd like to have it the other way around because right now it's hard to feel when I lose traction. But nevertheless, I can start pushing the car now. 1'20.3 is my best on default setup and low fuel at the moment.

    VR stuttering is not great but I suppose I can get used to it. It's a bit odd compared to AC, it just doesn't feel as fluid and I have the feeling I skip frames sometimes. Doesn't help attacking a corner. Also had a complete freeze of 2-3 seconds once.. that would be game over in the race probably :(

    Haven't tried the virtual mirror yet. Too bad the mirrors don't work in VR for this car.. and it's official content, so strange ?!

    I have to continue playing with the audio volumes as well, I almost don't hear the opponent cars.

    rFactor2 doesn't feel quite as good as AC yet but I have to continue experimenting with it.
  19. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Well, I can't do any better then 1,21.033 on full fuel race setup 112 liters.
    I'm getting 2,46 liters per lap. Still running the default setup witch is pretty stable and fast. Any changes I make don't improve the time.
    We will see how it goes :D. Love the car though. It's so lively. And you can powerslide it. That's fun! Getting a really good feel through the FFB for what the car does.
    Don't think the front soft tires will go the distance of 1 hour. It's either start on soft and change them, or go hard without a stop.
  20. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Alright, I'm still way of the pace then .. didn't notice there were tire choices :p

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