Raceroom or should I say ramfest!

Discussion in 'Chat About Anything In Here' started by Andre Depit, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Andre Depit

    Andre Depit Pro Driver

    This game is utter rubbish online at the moment and makes Forza seem civilised! I tried to race normally and properly and learn the game etc. Now out of all the sims I have played thus far I have found this to be the most flawed in many ways. I know it isn't finished but seriously they have a lot of work to get this up to scratch. The ramming alone and no penalty system is awful and the handling of the car felt like it was on skates no feedback to the wheel in any way.

    I have never done a review of a game on Steam before but I didn't post a glowing review that is for sure. Now Assetto and rFactor2 are not perfect but at least I can enjoy my experiences in the game. I am sad to say that I thank god I didn't go to Raceroom for my first experience on a racing sim as I propbably would have never come back. I hope they get it right but at the moment the physics and more importantly the feel of the force feedback ruin it for me along with the idiots the game is attracting.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    We ran a test series here at SRO to see how much support it might attract, but there wasn't much interest so we haven't continued with other events. For me I didn't experience any particularly difficult or bad issues with either FFB or the physics. It felt OK to me.
  3. Andre Depit

    Andre Depit Pro Driver

    This is from the latest patch which just seems weak. I much prefer other games I hope they get it right but for me a no at the moment.

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