Problem loading Dijon-Prenois track

Discussion in 'Historic Group C - Closed' started by Andre Lagunzad, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Andre Lagunzad

    Andre Lagunzad Pro Driver

    I'm getting several gmotor2 errors when attempting to load the Dijon-Prenois track, then rFactor will crash. Anybody else have this problem?
  2. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver

    I had the track loaded from last month sometime and I had no problems. The Pserver isn't up yet, so we will see.
    I would remove and reinstall the track and careful with the folders, Mine is in RCTM folder.
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  3. Andre Lagunzad

    Andre Lagunzad Pro Driver

    I might need some shared files from other RCTM tracks. Do you have other RCTM tracks installed apart from Dijon-Prenois?
  4. Ramon Llupart

    Ramon Llupart Pro Driver

    Increase texture detail from low to medium and the track will load.
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  5. Andre Lagunzad

    Andre Lagunzad Pro Driver

    It works! Thanks Ramon!
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