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    I'm guessing there are other SRO members, who like me, sometimes get to the end of a race and have that feeling that if it ran again immediately, you feel sure you'd drive better and maybe get an improved result, or possibly you just enjoyed it so much you would be ready to go again straight away, if only.....

    There are also a handful of classic, challenging tracks which don't get used very often e.g. Nordschleife, Le Mans, Daytona RC etc, which are great to drive, but also difficult to master without a lot of time spent driving on them. But practice is different to racing and pounding around endlessly on your own doesn't always improve you're skills. As for running with AI then it often leaves a lot to be desired in many sims.

    I was giving this some thought when thinking ahead to SRO Season 2 (April-June) and have decided to combine several races using multiple sims and mods, running at one of these challenging tracks for all events. It will loosely follow the real-world format of a famous once-a-year event (no prizes for guessing what it is before it's announced fully :)). Combining these components will provide opportunities for the majority of our members to participate, irrespective of sims owned or PC hardware used.

    To further even the playing field in some respects, the servers will be configured for all races to use fixed car setups in an effort to attract more of those members who might feel disadvantaged in not understanding how to create personal car setup's. Initial testing has shown that default setups work pretty well at all the sim and track versions to be used.

    The end results compilation will require some manual processing, as our back-end systems do not facilitate multi-sim aggregation. Whilst there will be an overall Champion based on results achieved, it will also take into account the races run across all sims, so it will not be possible to achieve an overall win by only running in one part of the series using a single sim. Participation across the majority of events is the aim of this unique series which I'm hoping will attract your support.

    Further news and details to follow.
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    Oh and I forgot to mention, all series will only use free mods, no payware. This again is to allow as many members as possible to race.
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