rFactor 2 Indy 125 2020 Special Event

Discussion in 'Indy 125 2020' started by Ken Jagger, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Ken Jagger

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  2. Ken Jagger

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    Important Oval Info!

    Rolling start with pace car: The game will show on-screen instructions as we start the pace laps. The race start will have 2 pace laps behind the pace car, after lap one if we are all in the correct starting order, when the pace car crosses the line it's lights will go out. This signifies that we will go green at the line next time around. If the pace car lights stay on we need to do another lap. The main reason for a failed start is cars being out of order.

    Once the pace car pulls off, stay at pace car speed until the green light comes on. No creeping up with the speed to the line.

    Cautions will be on so the pace car will come out whenever the yellow comes on. Slow down and be ready to form up behind the pace car. The game will give on screen instructions as to where you need to be and who you should follow.

    The Pits will be open to lead lap cars ONLY the first time by, then open to all on the next pass. You will see the X for pits if they are closed to you. The penalty for entering closed pits is a drive through.

    The server will be set for Private qualifying with a total of 6 laps, which includes the outlap and inlap, so only 4 timed laps are allowed in total. Exceeding this will require you to start the race from the pit lane.
    If you crash during your qualifying and you want to run again, if time allows, then you must drive back to your pitbox. You can NOT USE ESC to return to the pits. If you do you must remain there as your qualifying session is OVER.

    When making a pit stop you MUST use the pit entry lane which starts before T3. DO NOT slow down in T4 and enter the pits from there. However under a Yellow caution period you may enter the pits after T4. Rejoining the track when exiting the pits must be done by merging carefully after T2 on the back straight.

    Restarts after Yellow
    Do not pass the car ahead before the start/finish line otherwise you will receive an in-sim penalty.
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  3. Ken Jagger

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    The test server is now up for online practice using the SRO default pwd.
  4. Robert Waddell

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    Do we need to only subscribe to the IndyCar via Steam, or do we need to subscribe AND load the skin packs? If so, where does the skin pack download go? I rarely use Rf2.
  5. Ken Jagger

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    You need to subscribe to both the download links on the race page. STEAM/rF2 will take care of the install for you.
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  6. Rob Milliken

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    Nice grid ! this should be fun !
  7. Mathias Strauss

    Mathias Strauss Pro Driver

    Is it gonna be streamed???
  8. Ken Jagger

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    No its not planned to stream this race.
  9. Mathias Strauss

    Mathias Strauss Pro Driver

    @Ken Jagger my internett died just 10 min before the quali and then it came back 40 mins later and I couldnt race srry
  10. Ken Jagger

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    Thanks for the notification Mathias and sorry you couldn't make.

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