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    Welcome to the Porsche GT3 Cup challenge series


    The Porsche GT3 Cup is a "Race ready" car. There is little to adjust in the setup, but from the preload, wing, ride height, ARB, tire and brakes settings.
    There is no Traction Control on this car. As a matter of fact, there is very little to help you control this beast. And to be perfectly honest ... compared to this GT3 Cup car,
    the Porsche GT3 R feels like an arcades car. The FFB on the Cup car is excellent and the car physics are outstanding.

    The default setup is VERY nervous, so you might want to tweak that a little, especially the camber settings which are too high.

    Porsche builds the new 911 GT3 Cup on the same production line at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen as the road-going 911. At the Motorsport Centre in Weissach, the race car gets a basic set-up for the circuits and is taken through its paces by a professional race driver. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is the world’s most-produced and best-selling race car, with well over 2,600 units manufactured since 1998.

    The Porsche GT3 Cup is a DLC car from Studio 397:


    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park 2018 Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge


    Sign up link:

    Sign up here:


    Skin pack

    You are free to design and use your own car skin.


    How does each race start?
    Formationlap, rolling.
    The race is started by the pole sitter at the last corner of the track,
    (except for the Nordschleife. Here the race is started by the pole sitter when leaving the GP track and entering the Nordschleife.)


    If a driver does not show up for a race without unregistering for that event or letting me know that he can't make it in the event-forum, he will be taken out of the complete series.

    (You don't have to unregister for the whole series. You can unregister only for the race you can't do.)


    No Esc. on track rule in Qualification
    In qualification, you can not press Escape (Esc.) while on track (if you crash) and then go back out again.
    If you want to do another run, you have to come into the pits first.

    This is to protect the other drivers from someone taking abnormal risks to set a good lap time and crashing (other cars).


    Teamspeak is one of the features of Sim Racing Online.
    If you would like to hook up with other drivers on Teamspeak before the race (or any time), here is the forum link for the SRO Teamspeak address and password:

    For who are not familiar with Teamspeak, you need to add the Sim Racing Online channel to your "bookmarks".

    Please consider making a small monthly donation between € 2 to € 5,- to help us with the monthly server costs.
    Remember that Sim Racing Online is run by a private group of people, paying everything out of their own pockets.
    Thanks in advance !! :)



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    The length of the races has been re-set to 60 minutes.
  3. John vd Geest

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    Buying the Studio 397 Nordschleife is actually a good investment. It will be used many times. Not only here on SRO, but also where ever else you race.
    And to make good use of your investment, the track will be used twice in this series. 1 x Nordschleife and 1 x the Nurburgring GP track.
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    I'm ready
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    Looks like it. And well sponsored too :p
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    Ready to Rock
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    Pretty cool man !! It's a looker.
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