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    This information is taken from the official rFactor 2 Studio 397 info page about the Endurance Pack;

    Introducing the Endurance Pack!
    STUDIO 397 Announcement, News, Release

    It’s safe to say we are ecstatic about this release! Our very first mixed class pack of GTEs and LMPs! It’s been a wild journey, and all the teams involved have been going non-stop to bring these cars to life – we think the results will show on track as you cruise around in a field of color and lights! We proudly announce some of the most relevant and iconic brands and cars, combing them into a unique pack. Welcome to the ‘Endurance Pack’ for rFactor 2! Featuring the Porsche 911 RSR, BMW M8 GTE, Corvette C7.R, Oreca 07 LMP2 and the Norma M30 LMP3. With stunning physics and new features, the pack taps into the heart of rFactor 2’s endurance capabilities. We are also happy to have liveries from various different teams racing these cars, and we would like to thank them all for that!

    The cars are available for purchase and download here:


    Sim Racing Online presents Multiclass Endurance Series 2
    with the Endurance Pack from Studio 397

    Sign up here for the series


    DLC content: Studio 397 Endurance Pack (the cars)

    This is DLC content. You have to buy it from studio 397 for € 15,--.
    But having said that ... it's the latest and the best car pack to date from them. You will not be sorry!


    GTE drivers must keep the same care they started with.

    The series host will be alert to see if drivers keep the same car they started with.
    The drivers themselves are also responsible for reporting it to me if they see someone change to a different GTE car. I will check it and DQ the driver from that event if correct.


    Qualification rules

    Total Qualy time: 25 minutes.

    All car classes will go out together for 25 minutes. It will become a bit crowded, but you have 25 minutes to set a lap time.
    Since we have 3 car classes now, we can not do a separate qual of 10 minutes per class. The Qual session would become too long.

    The server will be close for qualifying for all events.
    That means, if you leave the server during qualifying, you can not come back untill the warmup session starts.


    No Esc. on track rule in Qualification

    In qualification you can not press Escape (Esc.) while on track (if you crash) and then go back out again.
    If you want to do another run, you have to drive into the pits first.

    This is to protect the other drivers from someone taking abnormal risks to set a good laptime and crashing.


    How does each race start?

    Each race starts with a formation lap (Rolling start)
    . The pole sitter maintains a speed of +/- 120 km/h.
    The formationlap is done in single file (all behind eachother).
    The race starts at the end of the formation lap, entering the last corner.
    You are not allowed to pass cars before fully exiting that last corner.


    If a driver does not show up for a race without unregistering for that event or letting me know that he can't make it in the event-forum, he will be taken out of the complete series.

    (You don't have to unregister for the whole series. You can unregister only for the race you can't do.)


    Teamspeak is one of the features of Sim Racing Online.
    If you would like to hook up with other drivers on teamspeak before the race (or any time), here is the forumlink for the SRO Teamspeak adres and password:

    For who are not familiar with Teamspeak, you need to add the Sim Racing Online channel to your "bookmarks".


    Punting !!
    Any driver who "punts" another car, either off track or into a spin, at any time during the race, must serve an immediate drive-through penalty (in addition to any stop for repairs) for each instance. You may not be informed of this penalty by the Steward, but you are still required to serve the drive-through.


    How To Signup, Enter A Race and Find Results


    1 hour before the race, the signuplist will be "locked" and can not be changed.

    If you have any questions or need help, please contact me.
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  3. John vd Geest

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    Road America and Zhuhai had a server bug and a pitlane detection bug that I was not aware of. Those tracks have been replaced with:

    Round 3: Dijon Prenois
    Round 4: Paul Ricard Proto

    (thanks to Jerry Chen who was so observing)
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    Entry list is extended

    We have extended the entry list from 30 to 36 signups slots to accommodate the red light drivers.
    The exception to this change is round 2 Brno. That track can only hold 30 cars.

    These are the signup extensions per car class:
    LMP2 = 7 + 2
    LMP3 = 8 + 1
    GTE = 15 + 3
    This means that anyone beyond the original signup number per car class is a guest driver and holds no right to race in Brno.
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    Hi everyone.

    My apologies in advance but I’m going to have to sign out of races on SRO for the time being.

    Still suffering with major issues with the pedals so just working on trying to get them sorted and then going to get a set of Sprints to replace them.

    However they are saying there will be no stock until the middle of April but fingers crossed we’ll see.
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  6. John vd Geest

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    Oke, come back any time you're ready :)
  7. Nigel Middleton

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    Hope you get your pedals sorted very soon Andrew.

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