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  1. Martyn McClune

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    Well I was getting fed up at the back of the pack with probably a record number of DNFs

    One thing I started noticing was a notch almost at the top of my throttle pedal where I had to push a little harder to get full power. I decided to investigate and found that the peddle mechanism inside was not quite travelling straight and went off to one side slightly as full throttle was applied. I stripped the peddle out and done a complete swap over withe the whole clutch pedal assembly imcluding the actuator.

    Well what a difference in my throttle control . Currently wiping seconds off my fastest lap times with less crashes and incidence of car snapping out under throttle. I am hopeful that this will improve my driving as I also notice an improvement in my fine throttle control.

    The throttle assembly works fine as a cluth pedal too so happy days I hope :)
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  2. Ken Jagger

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    That's great news Martyn. I know your lack of pace was confusing and driving you mad!!

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