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Delta bar.

Discussion in 'Max Coates Touring Car Euro Cup' started by Sean Devlin, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Sean Devlin

    Sean Devlin Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    Gentlemen do you kow if there is normal delta bar available for pc2 as the one I can see only really shows splits +/- but does not continuously run which is what I'm used to. Any help much appreciated Sean...
  2. Colin Towers

    Colin Towers Pro Driver

    The Delta widget does run continuously, but only after you have completed a lap, so it has a reference to compare with. Unfortuantelly it does not do a comparison to your all-time best (that was resigeterd in a previous session), like PC1 did.

    In Options/Controls/Edit Assignments/Game, you can assign a button to "Split times", this will allow you to rotate while driving to display delta to /Fastset/Potential/Previous lap time.
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  3. Sean Devlin

    Sean Devlin Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    many thanks
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