Assetto Corsa Comp Custom liverys in ACC ?

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    Deep within the game there are variables to change the car skins & sponsors ,for now its a bit messy as they plan to have the user friendly feature in the UI soon ,but for now you can mess around with colors and all if your brave enough to mess with the .json.. once created it can be uploaded to the server and you can have your skin online , these are static selectable items ! meaning, No you cannot create your own , you can only choose from what's available & the colors are number coded ,this is due to Blancpain licensing , so no custom self made photo shop stuff ,but it does have some nice choices to use .
    FelixR1991 has created this nice tutorial to use until kunos add the feature to the UI >
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    Hers one I came up with after looking at the guide
    Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot 2019.07.07 -

    If you want to have a go and to use your skin on the sro server edit the file that will go in the servers "cars" folder for customs ,you find it attached for the McLaren from the guide ..

    To ready it for the server rename test_car.json to your_name.json .. use the guide and change the numbers around , Sadly for now the only way to view & test the results is to follow the guide and start a lan server ..

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