SRO Alfa Romeo 8C Holiday Race

  • League: Sim Racing Online
    Cars: Alfa Romeo 8C GT3
    Simulator: Assetto Corsa
    Start type: Formation/Rolling
    Weather: Always Dry
    Damage: 50%
    Cautions: Off
    Driving aids: Auto Clutch, Factory Aids
  • Class and Cars
    Class Make Model
    GT3 Alfa Romeo 8C GT3
  • Sign-ups
    • Sign-ups will remain open all season.
    • You can enter as an independent or form your own team or form teams with other independent drivers.
    • There is no restriction on how many team drivers you enter in any championship. You can have 1, 2 or even 4 drivers competing in the same class.
    • Should you have any questions then please contact the series host or a member of staff.
    Rules and Regulations
    • Points for pole position, fast lap or leading a lap are posted on the series page.
    • Under no circumstance will a race be restarted regardless of accidents or individual problems. You will have one shot to get it right!!!
    • Please carefully read the following documents.
Series Events
Event Date Time GMT Duration
Bathurst Fri Dec 29, 2017 19:15 45 Minutes