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Introduction: Welcome to the first season of the Sim Racing Online Multiclass Endurance Championship on rFactor 1here at SRO. This should be a very interesting series using the Enduracers Endurance mod to test one’s adaptability to different kinds of tracks. Features: The championship will be contested over 6 rounds. The racing will take place on famous circuits from all over the globe. | Road America | Circuit of the Americas | Laguna Seca| Bahrain | Abu Dhabi | Will play host to the championship. To found out more please Click HERE
Championship Sign ups are now open for the Sim Racing Online Touring Car Championship on Assetto Corsa Features: The championship will be contested over 7 rounds. The racing will take place on famous circuits from all over the UK. Bands Hatch Indy, Croft, Donington Park National, Oulton Park, Sliverston National, Thruxton, Barnds Hatch GP, Will play host to the championship. For more information please click HERE
BTCC-MOD-1030x579.jpg The league is being worked on now and all the information will be posted soon.​
You have got to watch this. Our very own @John vd Geest has been out with the video editing again and this will make you pee your pants lol
rF2 DX11 Update 3.jpg
Fans left disappointed by the slight delay to DX11 and VR implementation in rFactor 2 need worry no more, Studio 397 have last night confirmed the newly proposed May 1st release date for this major new build release is on schedule to meet the internal deadline and find itself released to the public build of rFactor 2 on Steam. As can be evidenced in the included screenshots, the new build update and move to DX11 looks like it should bring a rather significant upgrade to the graphics of the game, as well as hopefully further optimizations to support greater frame rate realization for gamers looking to run the highest graphic settings possible whilst still maintaining a decent FPS result.
public server gt3 bannor.jpg Did you know SRO has a public AC server up 24/7 ?
The DRM Modding Team posted a spectacular 17-minute video showcasing all the cars that will be part of the DRM Revival mod for Assetto Corsa.
VEC SEASON 2 LOGO.png League Sign ups Now Open. Please Go HERE To Find Out More​